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fall craft ideas

For many kids, the summer months are their favorite time of year. Fall marks the start of school, the onset of cooler weather and more time spent indoors. But with a little push from you, your kids can begin to appreciate the beauty and ambiance that fall has to offer with fall craft ideas for kids. These craft ideas will show your kids that fall is just as good a time as summer to enjoy the great outdoors.

Spray Paint Pumpkins 

A great fall activity for the whole family is going to a pumpkin patch. These days, pumpkin patches have a whole slew of activities for families to enjoy, from petting zoos to hayrides to cider pressing. While at the pumpkin patch, have your kids pick out a pumpkin or two that they can decorate on their own one afternoon in the backyard. Of course, your kids will want to carve a design into their pumpkin, but there are other ways to decorate pumpkins too.

One fall craft idea for kids is to spray paint a mosaic pumpkin. Simply apply cut out shapes of painter’s tap all over the pumpkin, but leave room between all of the shapes so that you see the orange of the pumpkin. Once the painter’s tape is applied, grab a can of spray paint in a fun color, like a metallic or your kids’ favorite colors. Spray paint the pumpkins, let dry and then remove the painter’s tape. The end result is a unique, mosaic pumpkin for their bedroom of the front porch.

Squash Bowling Pins 

While you’re at the pumpkin patch, pick up 10 butternut squash for a game of squash bowling. To create the pins, buy a vinyl set of numbers that goes from 1 to 10, painter’s tape and acrylic paint in your two colors of choice. Apply the numbers to the middle of each butternut squash and at about an inch above the number as well as an inch below, encircle the butternut squash with painter’s tape. Paint between the painter’s tape, over the number and let dry. Once dry, remove the vinyl number and painter’s tape. You’ll have a vintage looking set of butternut squash pins from this fall craft idea for kids.

To play, set up your butternut squash pins and stand about 15 feet away. Roll a small pumpkin at the set of butternut squash pins. Give each player two turns, and award points to the players by the numbers on the pins that they knock down.

Tree and Leaf Rubbings

Pull your kids away from technology, toys and the television for a few hours one day for this fall craft idea for kids. Find some nearby woods to explore, and bring along white paper and colored pencils. Encourage your children to hold up their papers to the bark on trees and lightly rub the page with a colored pencil. On the page, they’ll begin to see the outline and designs of the bark.

They can also collect leaves that are fallen on the ground. Using a hard surface, they can lay the leaves on it and cover with a sheet of paper. Similar to the bark, they can lightly color over the leaves to create rubbings of the leaves’ outlines and details. Once the tree and leaf rubbings are complete, you can take the finished product home and hang in frames all around the house.

Fall is such a beautiful season, and with these fall craft ideas for kids, you give them reason to not only experience this season but to fall in love with it too. They’ll soon find that spring and summer aren’t the only months to take advantage of great weather and the beauty in nature. Plus, they’ll have a hand in providing some great home decor pieces and backyard fun for the whole family to enjoy.


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  1. Fun ideas! I wish my youngest liked crafts. I always get these grand ideas in my head and he won’t touch them; I end up doing them with my girls only, as the older boy isn’t ever here. Or I end up doing them alone as the girls both work…I loved to press leaves as a kid, we tried them several times when the other kids were younger. I think they’re so pretty framed!

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