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Chose Your Carpet Wisely!

If you’ve been following along with me for a while now you know that I bought what felt like the oldest, ugliest house in town. After taking care of the main issues, like replacing every last piece of plumbing, I set out to beautify our home. 

I’ve been doing one room at a time and slowly, its all coming together. When it came time to design my living room I really wanted to make a big impact. This would serve as the room where company would spend the most time and so, I went dramatic. (You can check out the before and afters of my living room and front hall here). 

I think that I got the dramatic part down here! What I didn’t realize was that my super dark gray or “light blacK” carpet would soon mean vacuuming at least three times a day on those “company days.” Everything, and I mean everything, shows up on this carpet. Do you have any cleaning tips for keeping your carpet clean? Besides banning the children and pets?!

I bought a “nice” vacuum and I’ve already had to replace the belt on it multiple times, have had pieces go missing and am extremely disappointed in it! So, Iam buying a new one! It’s not often that a vacuum cleaner screams “Buy me!” but the BISSELL PowerGlide Lift-Off Vacuum is no joke! Seriously, I’ll stand behind it anytime!!  


BISSEL PowerGlide Lift-Off Vacuum

The new PowerGlide® with Lift-Off® Technology is powerful yet lightweight enough to tackle the home’s toughest messes, including stairs, drapes and other hard-to –reach places. 

Key Features:

  • No loss of suction and sealed system 
  • One-step removable pod for portable cleaning 
  • Long-stretch hose 
  • Lightweight 
  • Swivel steering for maneuverability 
  • Adjustable handle for easy use and storage 
  • 12-inch foot for stability 
  • Large capacity dirt cup 
  • 27-foot cord 
  • Included TurboBrush® and crevice tool

Giveaway & Discount

BISSELL is giving away one of these beautiful machines right now. You can enter to win today! Not feeling very lucky? You can also purchase the BISSEL PowerGlide now through 11/30/13 and receive $20 off plus Free Shipping with the promo code: POWERGLIDE 

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Great Cleaning Tips from BISSELL

Parties & Entertaining

1.       The five places you’ve never thought to clean – and your guests will notice

·         Stairs and railings, ceiling corners, underneath furniture, window and door frames and behind the bathroom toilet.

·         PGLO lift-off pod, crevice tool and swivel steering help to clean hard-to-reach places that other vacuums can’t.

2.       How to clean for out-of-town visitors/overnight guests/last-minute holiday guests

·         Steps to ready the house for guests, including prepping overnight rooms.

·         Quick steps to a cleaner home when last-minute guests are on their way.

3.       Party prep checklist

·         Steps to make sure your home is ready for your next big bash – what you should do one week, one day and one hour before guests arrive.4. Your worst party messes – solved!

·         Party guests come for the fun, but they leave behind plenty of messes for hosts to clean up, specifically food crumbs, drink stains and tracked-in dirt from outside.

4.       Holiday cleaning

·         There’s no place like home for the holidays, so it’s important that the house looks its best.

·         Tips for cleaning before, during and after the holiday season.

Parenting & Pets

1.       Cleaning up after play dates, sleepovers, school-year study sessions, etc.

•        When kids come together, the messes multiply – quick ways to clean up leftover messes from kids’ play dates, slumber parties and study sessions.

•        Messes such as after-school/movie snacks; art projects; paint, pen and marker stains; and sticky messes like glue, juice boxes and more.

2.       Chore checklist for the entire family

•        Get the entire family involved in cleaning the house with tasks that family members of every age can easily do.

3.       Cleaning kid (and pet) messes in the car

•        Families spend a lot of time in the car between road trips, school carpools and everyone’s activities. So, it’s not hard to see why there can be just as many messes in the car as in the home.

5.       Quick touch-ups when you have little time to clean

•        Quick cleaning solutions for every room in the house when you only have 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

6.       Your pets aren’t confined to one room in the house and neither are their messes

•        As furry members of the family, pets have free reign of the house, but they also take their messes with them.

•        PGLO is lightweight enough to move to wherever messes are in the house. Its lift-off pod, crevice tool and long-stretch hose make it easy to clean hard-to-reach pet hair and tracked-in dirt.

Home Décor & Improvement

1.       How to keep your home looking like new after redecorating

•        A lot of time and resources go into making a home feel like new – cleaning guidelines to keep the home looking its best.

2.       The vacuum that cleans every room in the house

•        With the PGLO, the vacuum isn’t just for floors anymore – highlight a room-by-room outline of other things PGLO can easily clean, such as stairs, furniture, lamp shades, knick-knacks, bathrooms, the car, etc. Lightweight design makes it easy to carry from room to room.

3.       Fall cleaning checklist

•        Before winter sets in, it’s important to do another thorough cleaning of the house from top to bottom – what cleaning projects to tackle.

•        Checklist to include: cleaning out cabinets, drawers and cabinet tops that have accumulated since spring cleaning and need another clean; cleaning floors; cleaning upholstery, which can collect just as much dirt, crumbs and hair; etc.

•        PGLO’s long-stretch hose, lift-off pod and crevice tool make it easy to clean all of these tough places to ensure a clean home for the fall/winter months.

4.       Home cleaning and maintenance tips for your next home improvement/DIY project

•        While home improvement/DIY projects are meant to make the home look better, the stages between can actually put the home in a state of disarray.

•        PGLO has no loss of suction, lift-off pod, long-stretch hose and large capacity dirt cup to clean up tough messes like sawdust, tracked-in dirt, and other particles.

5.       Items in your home that you aren’t cleaning but you should be

•        Ceiling fans, vents, artwork and computer keyboards are just some of the overlooked items where dirt and grime can collect- what to do to clean them regularly.

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