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FriendStrip Themes

FriendStrip Kids App

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of connecting with Anne Brunelle, a fellow Mom and one of the creative minds behind the Friendstrip App. Anne and her husband have been working for over a  year on FriendStrip Kids. In celebration of the launch of the app Anne has spent a bit of time with me answering my questions about the app.

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About FriendStrip Kids

The application lets you create personalized comic strips starring your kids. All you have to do is take a few pictures according to the storyboard we provide. The special effects – also provided directly within the app – will help, for example, transform the living room couch into a huge pirate ship!
This one-of-its-kind app will without a doubt help exercise your kids’ creativity in no time; all the storyboards can be completed in less than 5 minutes! FriendStrip Kids currently has over 80 fully-customizable scenarios ready for you to enjoy!

moon friendstrip

This week has been a hectic, crazy, first week of school. Tired kids in the morning, tired kids in the afternoon. But, I managed to sneak in a few minutes of fun with my daughter testing out the app. You can see our first ever FriendStrip Kids strip- the Moon, above.

We had a blast testing this out. A blast- moon? Get it?  The app was fun and easy to use. But, you’ll definitely want to consider upgrading to the Pro version for $3.99- because you will want more strips- not that the free version doesn’t come with plenty to chose from- it does, but you will become addicted and go through them all in no time!  

My Interview with Anne

Tell me a little bit about your family?
I’d say we are a creative family and although very busy, we’re always in a good mood. My husband and I first had Camille, our now 10 year-old daughter. Then came Béatrice, born about the same time when we founded our company, PhotoInPress… they’re almost twins!
Why did you decide to create this app?
The photobook company (PhotoInPress) is now mature and we wanted to explore new horizons. We asked ourselves: how can we let people take original pictures with friends and family? The answer was short stories that would come alive as you took specific pictures. The comic strip style we gave to the app came naturally and, because we were now creating comic strips, we obviously needed custom special effects to make everything even more entertaining. At first, FriendStrip was mostly to create a gift for someone: on his/her birthday, a colleague retiring, etc. but we quickly realized we didn’t need such an even to create a comic strip. It’s this way that we came to create FriendStrip Kids. 
What ages do you feel will most enjoy this app?
Although our app is mostly for ages 4 to 12, we sincerely think that anyone can enjoy FriendStrip Kids. Kids 4 to 8 especially like striking a pose and seeing the result with the special effect (laser eyes, for example) as kids 8 to 12 like to be the director and take the pictures themselves. Lastly, adults also like the app because their kids are taking part in a stimulating activity that will end up providing spectacular results. It’s also very touching to receive a comic strip featuring the kids or grandkids.  
There are over 80 customizable strips. Do you have a favorite?
A single favorite? uuuuuuhhhhh! That’s too hard! I like stories that require my kids to act out a role, even if it means acting one that takes them out of their comfort zone a little bit. I have discovered that Beatrice has great acting skills when she played the role of the cranky pirate, so you could say that’s my favorite! If not, well I like the classic fairytales, where as hubby likes the outer space ones better. Anyhow, I prefer above all when my daughters decide to edit the text to make the story even more personalized, especially because kids have such a great sense of humor.  
How can I share my strips with friends?  
The strips can be shared by email or on Facebook. Every strip is available as a .jpeg file so you could decide to print them at home if you would like. You can also choose to share a single image or the entire strip. Eventually, on top of adding more sharing options such as Pinterest and Twitter, we’d like to add a feature that would enable people to send the strip as a gift, on a birthday or Christmas card, for example. 
You offer both free and pro versions of the app, what are the major differences? 
The free version lets you try one scenario out of every category. This way, you can try somewhat extensively our product before deciding to spend money on it or not. You can buy a category (fairytales, for example) for .99$. This is perfect if you have a kid that would love the pirate scenarios but isn’t really into princesses. The PRO version offers an “all-you-can-eat” buffet. For $3.99, you have access to EVERY scenario that’s available inside the app. 
Do you anticipate releasing new strips in the future?
Of course! We first want to gather as much feedback as possible from our early users to help us in creating more of these compelling stories. We’re also looking to add some features so FriendStrip Kids will become more and more stimulating as the new versions are released!

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