Why You Should Never Ignore A Product Recall

  • 1 Child Dies Every 2 Weeks when a TV, furniture or appliance falls on him or her
  • The CPSC has recalled 110,000,000 household goods in the past 5 years
  • There were approx. 38,573,000 consumer product-related injuries medically treated in 2010.
  • In the past 5 years, the CPSC has recalled more than 150 million children’s items
  • CPSC reported an average of 114 deaths per year associated with nursery products among children younger than 5 yrs old

According to PartSelect;

Products are recalled because of design flaws and/or defects that make them dangerous to consumers. In the US 50% of homeowners, have a product that has been part of a recall. In the past five years, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has recalled more than 110 million household goods. Every year deaths, injuries and property damage from recalled products cost the US more than $700 billion annually. 1 child dies every two weeks from a falling TV, furniture or appliance. Learn about the hidden dangers caused by product recalls in our infographic and why it’s important to never ignore them.

With 50% of homes likely to own a recalled item and more than 15 million appliances recalled in just the last 5 years alone, it’s important homeowners don’t ignore the dangers of recalled consumer products. Use PartSelect’s Appliance Recall Alerts to check for current recalls against any of your home appliances and to monitor for future recalls. Register your home appliances today!



2 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Ignore A Product Recall #Infographic

  1. I really need to be better about things like this. It’s like the time the Bumbo (baby chair) was recalled. I didn’t know until months later and I was trying to sell my used Bumbo! Yikes.

    1. I remember loving the Bumbo and wishing that there was something like it when my kids were babies- until the recall! It seemed like such a great concept! What a way to find out about the recall!

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