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Touch and Sing Along Picture Book App

If you are looking for a fun and educational way to entertain your children between the ages of 2 and 7, I highly recommend Sumaho MAMA‘s Touch and Sing Along Picture Book App. And, so does the Huffington Post who included the App in an article last month titled, 10 Apps You Can Trust and Kids Love

The Touch and Sing Along Picture Book App is a part of the SumahoMAMA app series designed for kids and made by the moms who know what they love best. “Built on a foundation of music and song play, this toy chest sparks a child’s intellectual curiosity and encourages discovery and development.”


The app is free and easy to download. The games are fun, educational and the tunes are catchy. I found myself playing “Hokey Pokey” a little too long for my age while testing this app! It’s directions are limited in an effort to make it easier for younger kids to understand how to interact with the game.

For those that can’t read, a prompt such as “Shake!” appears on the screen when they need to shake the phone or iPad or Kindle to play. Taking just a moment to explain to them what to do when they see the word means that they will be able to play without needing a lot of extra help.  Even cooler? Personalize the app by recording your voice over classic songs!

The app comes with two free songs (Hokey Pokey and The Alphabet Song) and for a limited time (until Sept 1st) you can download Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star for free as well!! You can buy new songs as desired for a really fair price. 

Free Games

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

All the planets of the solar system revolve around the sun! Are there any aliens? Your curious and interesting new pals happily teach you all the planet names.*2005 data

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The Hokey Pokey

Let’s do the Hokey Pokey! Help the 5 dancers move in time with the song and learn the difference between right and left, as well as parts of the body like hand, foot, head and bottom. Tap your character to make them shake and shimmy!

The Hokey Pokey

Alphabet Song

Let’s tap the balloon similar to the one being held on the left. Guess correctly and something neat that starts with that letter will appear! And if you can’t get it, tapping the question mark button will give you a hint! Touch the left balloon to change between capital and small letters, so we can learn both.

Alphabet Song

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About SumahoMAMA

SumahoMAMA or “Smartphone Mothers” is a best-selling creator of educational and entertaining mobile apps for kids of all ages. Learn and enjoy!

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  1. My children would definitely love that app! My son is actually hoarding my phone now, but when he’s done with it, I’m going to download SumahoMAMA and see what they think!

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