The last two weekends have been an amazing cram of summer into just a few days with two trips to the coast of Maine! The first trip was with my husband who celebrated his 50th Birthday! The second weekend was with all of the kids and the oldest’s girlfriend. The best way I can describe these two weekends is with pictures and since I took well over 200 photographs I’ve created two videos for your viewing pleasure. They have sound so turn on (or adjust) your speakers! 

Boothbay, Maine Trip

  • The Taste of Maine– World’s Largest Lobster Roll. Seriously, 5 1.25lb lobsters in each roll! Enough to feed three people. 
  • Bob Marley Comedy Show– So funny! I cried and literally left there with aching stomach muscles that I didn’t know I had! 
  • White Anchor Inn– Small and simple but the people are super sweet. Great for a night’s stay just a few minutes drive from the harbor. 
  • Boothbay Harbor Piers– Lovely to explore, shop and eat! Not as commercialized as beaches to the south with a huge focus on lobster fishing in the area. 
  • Cap’n Fish’s Kennebec River Cruise– 40+ miles, three hours on a cruise ship. Amazing, once in a lifetime experience! Saw seals, osprey, eagles, islands, lighthouses, lobster boats, Fort Popham, Bath Iron Works!
  • Boothbay Harbor– Scenic, beautiful and overall, breathtaking. Walk around the piers, cross the footbridge, take a cruise, dine harborside and enjoy every minute! 
  • Ocean Point Drive– Narrow, winding roads but so worth the drive along the harbor. Stop off at the public rocky beach and walk the path to the cliffs. You’ve never seen anything so breathtaking! 
  • Oxford Casino– On the drive back to NH we stopped in to each spend $20, we spent $100 then the hubs won $653 when I told him to sit at a specific machine and Bet Max one time- it worked! 

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Phippsburg, Maine Trip

  • Fort Popham– Amazing to explore freely, and I mean literally at no cost. Walk the halls, read the signs and learn something. Public beach and restrooms and free parking as well. 
  • Fort Baldwin– A 500 ft walk uphill but many buildings with tunnels and narrow passages and the grande finale, a giant Fire Control Tower at the end of the path. Also free and amazing!
  • Popham Beach State Park– Super clean, tide pools, sand bars and two light houses in view. A little pricey but absolutely worth it if you are spending a full day there. 
  • Fox Island– Only accessible at low tide, Fox Island is a beautiful rocky island that is a short walk from Popham Beach at low tide. Hurry back before the tide comes in though! Beautiful views!! 

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All in all, both weekends were amazing. The first trip out though was filled with, “Oh if the kids were with us we could…” which is why we went right back the following weekend with the kids. Lots to do in the area including a maritime museum, aquarium, whale watches, lobster haul cruises, food, food, food, beach days, fort exploring (there are four more forts within an hour drive). We plan to spend a week in the area camping next summer. Can’t wait!! 

I created these videos with Animoto. Totally worth the $5 a month for a plus membership, although they do offer a slightly limited free membership. Easy, fast and fun! I am in no way affiliated with Animoto.

5 thoughts on “Two Weekends on the Coast of Maine at Popham and Boothbay #travel

  1. I’ve never been to Maine but it sounds and looks wonderful! Camping next Summer sounds like it will be awesome – I love camping! PS – I am a big fan of laughing until your stomach aches. 🙂

    1. Laughter is the best medicine! And, if you can spend a day at the beach the next day? Even better!

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