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As a parent little scares me more than the thought of one of my children going missing. Whenever there are stories of missing children my heart just breaks for them and their families. I can’t imagine the hysteria, the panic and the desperation that must overcome them. And it happens probably more often than you think. According to the Child Alert Center

  • A child goes missing in the United States every 42 seconds
  • Over 2,100 children are reported missing per day
  • 800,000 children are reported missing per year
  • Less than 300 missing children qualify for an Amber Alert
  • It takes 7 hours for Law Enforecement to gather, verify and distribute information about a missing child

These statistics are huge. And terrifying. The fact that it takes so long for law enforcement to get the word out about your missing child is so surreal. How far can you drive in seven hours? Can you imagine that distance if your child has been abducted? And, are you prepared should your children ever be in that situation?

  • Would you have immediate access to the critical information needed to start the search?
  • Would you have current poster quality photos with you to distribute?
  • Would you be able to get your missing child’s information to the mobile community in just minutes?
  • If you were traveling, in a moment of panic, would you be able to retrieve vital information to aid in search efforts?

Child Alert Center 

My kids always bring home an emergency card with their photo as part of the school picture package. But is it enough? Imagine that there is another way, a faster way to distribute your child’s information? I’m extremely glad to share with you another option! I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the Child Alert Center. Child Alert Center is a web-based registry that increases the chances of bringing a missing child home. 

Registering your children with Child Alert Center takes that 7 hour statistic above down to 7 minutes! Honestly, I absolutely, whole-heartedly recommend registering your kids for this program

Child Alert Center (CAC) is a membership based company that increases the chances of bringing a missing child home quickly. If your child goes missing, their team of specialists will immediately create and distribute the information and photos in the form of a poster to the right resources that will aid in search efforts. They have 100% recovery rate for all the children that were pre-registered with them before they went missing.

In minutes, Child Alert Center provides critical information to local law enforcement agencies. Child Alert Center immediately creates and sends the text link alert of the mini-missing child poster to your Buddy list and their mobile network with a minimum 20 mile radius. They can send up to 20,000 text links per minute of the mini-poster to their mobile network.  They provide the missing child’s poster to news media, social media and national child-protective organizations. They disperse the missing child’s photo and description fast, so searchers can find a missing child as soon as possible.

In addition to these services, the CAC also offers Safety Tips on their website completely free and accessible without signing up. They cover how to help protect your children, special advice for the parents of older children and what you can do t help keep your children safe at home. Arm yourself with knowledge!! These really are great tips. Some are common sense but others could be the one thing that prevents you from ever needing CAC’s services. I always say that it is better to be safe than sorry.


Time is of the essence! That is why we believe that our service responsiveness may help save lives.

There are several ways to categorize missing children:

  • Your child can be missing briefly because of a minor misunderstanding or childhood forgetfulness, during which he may not even know that his parents consider him missing
  • A child may get lost or may be injured in a place where he/she can’t call for help
  • A child may be a runaway – the majority of missing adolescents are runaways
  • A child may be a ‘throw-away’, a child actually told by a caretaker to leave home
  • A child may be abducted by a relative, most often as the result of a custody or visitation dispute
  • A child may be the victim of a non-family abduction. This category includes the Stereotypical Kidnapping, which is the most frightening of circumstances and as a federal crime requires the involvement of the FBI

* Statistics based on Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Membership Discount

Child Alert Center’s standard annual membership fee is $15 per child. I’d think of it much like an insurance policy. Seriously. What is $15 in the overall scheme of things when it comes to your children, especially if it could help bring them home should they ever go missing. That being said, Child Alert Center is giving my readers a discount! Use code to receive a 20% discount: MYCHILD2


Along with the discount for my readers, Child Alert Center has graciously given me 5-FREE Annual Memberships to give away! It’s super easy to enter and five winners will be selected so please don’t forget to share this post with everyone you know so that they too can learn about Child Alert Center and also have a chance to win a membership for their child! The giveaway contest will run through the entire month of August to help spread awareness to my readers and their friends and family! Please spread the word!

8/21/2013 UPDATE: I apologize for the inconvenience and am very disappointed to say that the Giveaway has been removed due to circumstances beyond my control. I’m leaving this post up so that you may learn more about the service and hopefully use the discount code above. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. As always, I thank you sincerely for visiting ButeauFull Chaos. Please check my giveaways page to see what else I’m giving away. 

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