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If you are a parent you have undoubtedly heard the words “Is it almost summer vacation” and as soon as you finally say, “Yes!” you know the next repeatable phrase is, “I’m Bored!” Of course, “What’s for dinner” is the only phrase you’ll probably hear more often and that one has no seasonal limits! 

So, what do you do to stave off the “I’m Bored!”, “There’s nothing to do!” complaints throughout the summer? We put up a pool. It’s nothing overly fancy but it does the trick, cools us off and the kids have a blast with it. However, we still hear that they are bored at least 10 times a day. So, seriously… What Do you do to turn that boredom around? We have the pool, the backyard, bikes, electronics, books, movies, crafts, paper, toys and more. 

When I’m not working, I try to be much more flexible, hands on and one of those fun moms. Fishing, boating, swimming, impromptu ocean trips, theme parks, hiking, regular parks, picnics on mountain tops reached with the Jeep, exploring cellar holes, etc. The one common demoninator here is weather! It needs to be nice, warm, sunny. So, what happens on those rainy days?

I used to Roller Skate. Used to. Then I stopped for about eight years when the local rink closed. That was a great indoor activity on a rainy day! I finally found a place that was a little bit of a drive but worth it. And I skated again. With the kids. Held them up, taught them things. And then, I fell. Hard. I mean really hard. On my butt. The pain of my broken tailbone has subsided but its been months and I still feel it every day! Ouch! So, my roller skating days are done! My husband likes to go to the movies. I’m no fan of the mess, the heat and the uncomfortable seats (especially with afore mentioned cracked a$$! haha). In the winter? Sure! Summer? No thanks!

Please share! I’d love to know! Does your family enjoy bowling? Who’s the best bowler in your family? Do you get competitive at the lanes? What is your bowling alter ego? I think my husband is probably the best, followed by 14yo. I’m great, with bumpers! Do you have any bowling tips? (Besides sharing a lane with your youngest in order to qualify for bumpers!)

AMF Summer Unplugged

Ahh, yes! But, then there is bowling! It’s air conditioned. It’s family friendly. It’s somewhat competitive. The kids love it. I love it when my husband whistles at me while I effortlessly roll the ball into the gutter. Usually bowling also means pizza, soda and an arcade. We love it. And, there’s an alley right down the street from us. In fact, in our town its probably the only thing to do! Good things its so fun! And, even better? It’s FREE for the kids all summer long! Yes, FREE at participating bowling allies!

AMF Summer Unplugged– Spare your kids from boredom (and the heat)! Two free games every day for each child ages 15 and under registered in the Summer Unplugged program* (Shoe rental not included, but they’re worth paying for.) Sign-up here for free bowling all summer long! 

*You can register up to six children in the program. If you would like to add more children, you will need to create a new account using an alternate email address.

AMF Summer Pass


Summer Pass– Adults won’t be left melting in the heat! An AMF Summer Pass is just $34.95 and includes two games per day for the pass owner and up to three guests ages 16 and up. (Shoe rental not included, but they’re worth paying for.) Sign-up here for AMF’s Summer Pass! 

The Details

  • One simple sign-up, no coupons to be emailed or printed! Simply present your membership card or your name at your local AMF center and you’re all set to go!
  • Also new this year for Summer Unplugged members is the “Stay and Play” option. Additional games can be added for just $1.49! So if the competition is hot and the weather is hotter, you can keep the strikes coming and stay cool for less!

The AMF Summer Unplugged and Summer Pass programs run May 13, 2013 through September 2, 2013. Members can redeem their bowling games every day from open until 8pm using their membership pass, member ID, first name or other unique identifier. 

With over 250 locations, AMF is where America goes bowling! Find an AMF Bowling Center near you-

***To my local fans, unfortunately, there are no locations in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. ***


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