I just finished watching Craigslist Joe, a Documentary Film about Joe. At 29 years old, Joe cut himself off from friends and family and with his Phone and computer in a backpack, set out to live on nothing but the kindness of others for all of his basic needs including food and shelter as well as entertainment and rides.

Joe traveled from Southern California north then East to New York, south to Florida, west to New Orleans on to San Francisco and finally back to his home in Los Angeles.

I kept waiting for the “something bad” to happen. At the very least I thought he’d have his computer stolen or something else horrible. I was quite surprised! The worst that happened to Joe, and his Cameraman (also met on Craigslist before he set out) was that they spent a night in New York City and another in San Francisco on the street.

Joe helped so many people and touched the lives of many and was overwhelmed by the incredible openness, kindness and generosity of so many people. Really makes you think about how much good and love still exists in a world that sometimes feels so hardened by the reality that is life.

The timing of my viewing this movie now is one that not only inspires me but also really makes me wonder if the timing of things in our lives really does happen when we need them! Much like the thought that is discussed in this movie “if you open yourself up to it” there’s no telling what you’ll find when you need it.

You see, I’ve been stuck. Stuck in a rut, in a “same-ole, same-ole” wondering what’s out there. Wondering who I am? Wondering who I will be once my kids are grown up (a lot of thought provoked by my oldest’s notification that he’s been offered his first job and planning out his High School courses a few weeks back…How did this happen so fast?!)

This Reba song keeps playing in my head:

Is there life out there
So much she hasn’t done
Is there life beyond
Her family and her home
She’s done what she should
Should she do what she dares
She doesn’t want to leave
She’s just wonderin
Is there life out there

So, no, I wouldn’t do anything differently! I love my kids and I love being a Mom!!! But, some days I hate that there’s nothing to see and feel and smell and live but the walls of my office and everyone else’s wonderful experiences through my computer screen. I literally look at beautiful places and gather mentions of amazing journeys for a living part of the day and talk to people all over the United States the rest of my day.

I’m in desperate need of an adventure, a trip, an EXPERIENCE of my own! I have thought many times of just putting it out there… I Need to go somewhere, do something! Send me wherever you want and I will share the experience with everyone I know and all over all of my social networks!!! I’ll tweet, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram whatever you want!!! Just a week, or two!!

Is there life out there??

Oh, and in case you want to watch Craigslist Joe (you really should!), you can find it on Netflix or buy the DVD through my Affiliate link to Amazon. I’ll put the $0.80 in my travel fund!!

(This was NOT a sponsored post)

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