Each Monday I publish a recipe from one of my books. This recipe, however, is one from my little date night in with my husband on Friday. We just felt like celebrating! I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve put myself last and it felt nice to just let loose and enjoy life for a minute! If you use any of these recipes, please take a photo and share with me on my Moms at Home Facebook page or on my professional Facebook page. Or, tweet them to me and use hashtag #MomsatHomeMeals Enjoy!

Get ready for Date Night!

Baked Brie


1 Wheel Brie

5 Mins Prep

30 Mins Bake

1/4 Cup Raspberry Preserves
1 Tube Pillsbury Crescent Roll Seamless Dough
2-3 TBS Honey
 1 Bottle  Wine


You have a choice, to cut the rind off or not. The rind IS edible but I don’t personally like it so I cut mine off.

Unroll crescent dough (the seamless is brilliant!). Place on the center of a non-stick cookie sheet. Smother with Raspberry Preserves -taking care to leave the edges somewhat bare. (I used Polaner All Fruit Seedless Raspberry Preserves. You can really use any flavor preserves or jam for this. I’m just a huge raspberry fan!).

Place the cheese wheel in the center of the dough. Fold the dough around the cheese. Make sure all seams are sealed well to avoid loosing any melted cheese. Place seam side down.

Bake at 350 Degrees for about 30 minutes or until crescent dough is golden brown. Drizzle with honey.

Photos from our “Date Night” Below. I paired this with Toasted Wheat Thins Multigrain Chips (So! Good) and Middle Sister Wine’s Sweet and Sassy Moscato. We also had a couple of lobsters with drawn butter and some deliciously sweet strawberries dipped in chocolate (Really, really good with the wine!)







Living in New England, I’m lucky to have Lobster close enough to make it affordable as a special treat. Not so lucky? You can still get Live Maine Lobster tommorow night! from LobsterAnywhere.com or get a Lobster Anywhere Gift Certificate!


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