That’s right, there are 3.9 Million Mom Bloggers in the United States and only 100 are well known! That’s an astronomical number! Here’s another stat; There are 87 Million Moms in the United States. 60% of them are online. Moms spend 50% More Time Online than an average user. Whoa!

But, Sverve is working to change that! Like many other Blogger to Brand sites out there, Sverve works to connect Bloggers with Brands that want real people trying, testing and promoting their products. This is certainly a win-win situation for both the bloggers and the Brands. However, Sverve takes this concept one gigantic step further by connecting Bloggers with other Bloggers!

And, I know from personal experience that these Mommy Bloggers are helping one another. Sverve is one of the only places where I’ve seen active engagement from fellow bloggers both on the site through Endorsements and Follows and offsite through click throughs from Sverve to my blog. Slowly, I’ve started forming and building on relationships with wonderful women that I never would have had the pleasure to find before. And, I’m reading more blogs specifically in line with my interests. I truly love Sverve!

Sverve is where “Influencers Meet Brands and Readers!” The name comes from a great concept, “Unleash your Social Verve.”

So why should you join? Sverve says,

You’re a blogger. You’re a Mom. You’re awesome. You spend hours generating great blog content and sharing your wealth of knowledge on TWITTER andFACEBOOK. You’re the kind of social INFLUENCERwho BRANDS and marketers would love to connect with to share information about their products and services. You’re the reason why we created sverve.

Unleash your social verve and manage your social media influence effectively.sverve gives you a PLATFORM to highlight your areas of EXPERTISE and earn the credit you deserve. Get recognized for your efforts. Get noticed for your knowledge. Get your sverve on!

Mom bloggers want to Build their Brand, attract New Readers, Connect with Brands and Marketers.

Brands want to Connect with the Right Mom Bloggers, Advertise Guest Blogging, Product Review Opportunities & Campaigns and Improve ROI of Marketing Dollars.

Sverve Readers want to Find Great Mom Bloggers to Follow, Receive Quality Tips about the Best Brands to Use and Personalized Content Based on Their Interests.

Sverve just brings these three groups together in one fun, easy place. Joining is fast and easy and costs you nothing as a Reader or a Blogger!

So, Why Not Click Here to Sign Up Today!!! 


Disclosure: I am a Sverve Influencer. Feel free to check out my Sverve Profile!

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