Stock illustration: Innovation
Stock Illustration: Innovation

In my online travels I stumbled across SheBrand Founder, Liz Dennery Sanders and signed up for her newsletter. In  return, I was able to download a free copy of “101 Ways To Build a Powerful Personal Brand Inside and Out.” As I started reading through the report I realized that I should start writing down my answers to the thought-provoking questions. So, I thought, in the interest of transparency and my drive to connect with my readers on multiple levels, why not blog about it?! I have plenty of ideas about who I am, what I do and what I want to be doing and, although I can make a case for marketing just about anything, I often find that I fall short on selling myself. In this post, I’m going to walk through the Authentic Brilliance section and share with you my answers and thoughts to these self-reflecting prompts.

List out your “Descriptors” – the three to five words that BEST describe you. 

  1. Passionate.
  2. Driven.
  3. Persuasive.
  4. Focused.
  5. Inspired.

Know your top five values.

(Family, is a given. So are friends. Here are the others. If you want to prioritize your values check out this Assessment)

  1. Creativity. To be innovative. To create new and better ways of doing things.
  2. Personal DevelopmentTo learn and to do challenging work that will help me grow, that will allow me to utilize my best talents and mature as a human being.
  3. Personal Accomplishment. To achieve significant goals. To be involved in undertakings I believe personally are significant – whether or not they bring me recognition from others.
  4. EnjoymentTo enjoy my work. To have fun doing it.
  5. LoyaltyTo be committed to the goals of a group of people who share my beliefs, values and ethical principles.

Know your top five strengths. (I used the Authentic Happiness Brief Strengths Test to help answer this one.)

  1. Curiosity [interest, novelty-seeking, openness to experience]
  2. Persistence [perseverance, industriousness]
  3. Love
  4. Leadership
  5. Creativity [originality, ingenuity]

When you are asked about what you do, focus on the benefits and results, not the features.  No. But I should! Here are some of the things I know I have, can and will continue to do-

I create award-winning strategic programs. I drive success. I make things happen. I lead by example. I focus on results. I work endlessly to ensure satisfaction!

Understand what sets you apart from others in your industry – your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

To answer this question, I am going to focus on what I do well for product reviews. That is, because I understand social media, public relations, marketing, brand awareness, perception and engagement, I’m not your typical Mommy Blogger. I’ve designed programs that capture the insights OF Mommy Bloggers. I have a good idea about when to post, where to post and how to share so that product reviews receive the highest possible visibility and click-through. I drive success!