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At just $9.99 for two dozen balls, these are a great way to practice without having to worry about retrieving every last ball in the woods (or, if you aren’t so great yet, the pond, mud puddle, busy street?, etc.)! You should really go check them out on Amazon! I began my review of these with inspecting the product packaging. The package is ok for a disposable package. I suppose my only suggestion would have been to have a bit sturdier packaging, like a thin, clear, slightly heavier plastic with a top that folds over and snaps to itself. I think that this would be helpful to keep them in one place until they are ready for use and to then pack them back in the bag when you are done. I suppose at this price, there is really not a lot of room for complaining and its not so big of a deal that I would trade the cost for the minor packaging upgrade.

As far as using these for golf practice, I’m not much of an expert in terms of golf unless the word “mini” is in front of it. Then, I like to think that I’m the champ…and, as long as I play alone, I am. Overall, I think that these wiffle balls are an excellent introduction of golf to children, especially when you are ready to take them off the grass carpet and onto the real course. My Dad, the only real golfer I know, immediately knew what these were and thought that they were of great quality and well worth the price~

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My 13 Yr Old Cooks up A New Use!

The photo above is of my oldest son, thinking of creative and clever ways to use these balls aside from their intended use. He whipped a few across the house and everyone got quite a chuckle out of the whistle sound that made. And, I was pretty relieved that nothing was broken on impact. I think that these are a pretty fun way to “play ball in the house” as far as tossing and catching them with the kids and rolling and catching with younger children. I think we have come up with a new game of wiffle tag since they aren’t really heavy enough to hurt when tossed at someone. 🙂 All in all, with three kids and 24 wiffle golf balls, we have plenty of entertainment for the winter while we desperately plead with the weather gods to melt the snow and turn up the outdoor heat past 15 degrees F. Once that happens, I’d like to take these outside with a couple of Dad’s golf clubs and see what else we can do with them! I suppose, in all their glory, losing them in the snow won’t really be that much fun!!

Product Features:

  • Made from high-quality polyurethane
  • Won’t split or crack
  • Great for backyard practice
  • Symmetrical holes help ensure true spin and accurate distance

Amazon Product Description:

Our set of 24 white wiffle golf balls is perfect for practicing your game- inside or out. Made from high-quality polyurethane, these golf balls won’t split or crack. The symmetrical holes help ensure true spin and accurate distance. Ideal for sports teams or home use, each ball is smooth and round, ensuring a quality shot each time your practice. The balls are a great way to perfect your swing with any golf club. Additionally, these premium wiffle balls are useful when honing your skills in small spaces. Whether you are practicing on the green or in the backyard, this set of 24 white wiffle golf balls by Crown Sporting Goods is a must-have accessory.

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