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I was given this awesome  jump rope for review purposes. The following opinions are my own.  And, I have to tell you, even I had no idea the kind of “trouble” I was about to be in for! When I brought out the package, fully intending on having my 11 year old daughter participate in the review, I had to rethink the entire process. She was SO excited. But, my 6 year old was brought to literal tears because the jump rope wasn’t for him (I ultimately had my daughter share but I plan on buying him his own ASAP! This is the same child that refused to keep his Happy Meal toy an hour earlier because it was pink) Then, my almost 14 year old worked his charms and magic until, the next thing I knew, HE was jumping rope (in my living room, of course!). Moral of the story, if you are going to buy this jump rope and have more than one child, make no assumptions and buy one for each! The only downfall I could find with this was that the 7′ length, although desirable for adults and older kids, is a bit long for my little guy (he doesn’t care though!).

My 11 year old uses jumping rope as part of her Occupational Therapy for Gross Motor Skills. She is extremely pleased with this particular jump rope because of the color and the weight of it. It has just enough weight to make swinging the rope easier but not so much to make it burdensome. My oldest son, proudly reminded me that he was the Jump Rope Marathon champion in 2nd grade and really enjoyed showing off with this rope. I have to admit, he’s got jumping skill! I love the memories that it brings back and have been trying to piece together the songs sang on the playground years and years ago!

The price on these is great, only $1.99! The only place you can beat that is at the Dollar Store, but really, you know, you get what you pay for. This is really an awesome deal!! Although I don’t think the pink, white and blue color style is available any longer, they currently have a few color options like red, white and blue or pink and white or blue and white. You should really go check them out on Amazon!


Sorry about the devil eyes!! Here are the kids enjoying the rope!

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I had a video of my son jumping rope (and crossing it while he jumped) but it isn’t uploading for me. If I can get that to change, I’ll add it in soon!

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