#CY365 Day 16 Jumbled
#CY365 Day 16 Jumbled

I’ve decided to add a little inspiration to my blogging and have committed to Capturing my 365 with a photo every day along with whatever words come along with that photo. Today’s photo prompt is Jumbled. You can also follow my photos on Instagram! Are you doing the challenge also? Tweet me your links with hashtag #CY365 or post them on my Facebook Page!

Today I write this with a heavy heart. I find it interesting that today, the prompt is Jumbled. Today, when my thoughts and emotions are just that. Taking it a step further, and as Connie would say, “Deep” I suppose the focus on a “hero” could be dug into as well.

I’ve written about the fact that I am formerly divorced, remarried and very happy. Through it all, my ex-husband, the father of my two biological children has remained a great friend. He actually decorated our getaway car when Rick, my current (and FINAL) husband were married. Today, this blog is dedicated to him as he stumbles through dialysis and the news that his kidneys have indeed failed. And to my children, who, in about five minutes will hear this news as they make their way home from school.

Please keep my kids’ Dad in your thoughts and prayers. After all, he is their hero.

By Erica Buteau

Change Agent. Daydream Believer. Maker. Creative. Likes love, peace and Jeeping. Dislikes winter, paper cuts and war. She/Her/Hers.

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