#CY365 Day 10 Real Life
#CY365 Day 10 Real Life

I’ve decided to add a little inspiration to my blogging and have committed to Capturing my 365 with a photo every day along with whatever words come along with that photo. Today’s photo prompt is Peaceful. You can also follow my photos on Instagram! Are you doing the challenge also? Tweet me your links with hashtag #CY365 or post them on my Facebook Page!

Today was the big day for my 11.5 year old daughter, Kendra. We knew it was coming and, well, she was actually a little excited. She loves her new glasses. The big change is that she needs to wear these all day. I’ve got every crossable body part crossed, praying that these last her at least the school year. Kendra is, hmmm, how should I say it? Less than organized. Kind of like chaos on legs.

I let her pick out a pair that was a little more expensive than I would have liked to pay because I knew that she would have to wear them all the time and wanted her to really feel comfortable and confidant in them. Luckily, her Dad and I do pretty well as far as divorced parents go. We really do put the kids first, stay friends and help each other out for the sake of the kids when we can. When I asked him to pay half he was more than happy to do so.

I’ve been looking at this photo since I took it. I have to really say that my daughter is growing up so FAST. She’s not the pretty little girl she was yesterday. No, she’s a beautiful young lady. Her baby face is just about completely gone. She’s still a bear in the morning, grouchier than what you might think is possible, but in general, her behavior is beginning to mainstream and little things tell me that she’s growing up there too. Oh, how time flies.

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