#CY365 Day 8 Discouraged

My son is not at all a fan of having his picture taken. At all. So, I knew that he would be the perfect candidate for this photo. I ask him to stop what he is doing and let me take his picture and instantly, I see, discouraged. He usually turns and hides his face when I’m attempting to photograph him in action. Today, he surprised me with with his willingness to sit on the stairs while I snapped a few shots. No smile, but, little did he know, that’s exactly what I was looking for! This is also him early in the morning before school, not yet fully awake!

The photo prompt was an interesting one that really started me on thinking about what we photograph. Pretty things, happy moments, special events. The joys of life. Do you photograph sadness or those regular moments of everyday life? I normally do not. The result is an album full of half-truths. Not everyday is a celebration, there aren’t always smiles, torn wrapping paper, birthday candles and while we know and remember that, I our albums say nothing of these other times.





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