I’ve decided to add a little inspiration to my blogging and have committed to Capturing my 365 with a photo every day along with whatever words come along with that photo. Today’s photo prompt is Colorful Food.

I actually took this photo last night when I was at dinner with my six year old. My oldest was ice skating, may daughter spent the night with my Mom and my Husband was at work. I seized the chance to have some one on one time with the little guy!

We went to the Northland’s Dairy Bar, a local favorite. I gave him pick of the menu and he went for a Hot Dog with fries and for dessert, Cookie Dough Ice Cream with rainbow sprinkles!

After dinner we went to Walmart where I completely filled a shopping cart with Christmas items and red plastic plates, cups, bowls, serving platters and serving bowls. Grand total was all of $30 for a cart FULL of items! Sweet!!