I’ve decided to add a little inspiration to my blogging and have committed to Capturing my 365 with a photo every day along with whatever words come along with that photo. Today’s photo prompt is Fur.

Since our pets all have fins and scales, I looked to my daughter’s new BearPaw clogs for “fur”. She received about $45 in cash plus gift cards to Walmart and GameStop for Christmas. Normally, Kendra likes to indulge in fake nails, Wii games and candy when she gets money.

This year though, my 11.5 year old daughter went to Walmart and bought a bigger binder for school and a quilt pattern (Santa brought her a Junior sewing machine). She still has $10 left to spend at Walmart and hasn’t even touched her GameStop card yet!

With her cash, she bought a kit to make ME a cute owl for my wall and a bag of Fritos and a few things at Dollar Tree. Then she demanded that I take her to Main Street to local Maureen’s Unique Boutique. They mostly cater to the teen scene and young adults. Silver Jeans, Fox, DC’s, etc. Kendra browsed for what seemed like days until she decided she would wait and save her money. While at the checkout with hot new kicks for the 6 year old, she spotted the clogs! They were priced within her range, the top pair was her size and they have barely left her feet since.

They are made with Sheep’s wool. So cozy and warm. My little girl really is growing up. Sadly for me her feet aren’t quite my size just yet, she wears a six, I take a 7 or 8. But she’s catching up quick. Lucky for her I just can’t fit my foot into her new clogs! I think I may have to get myself a pair!!