I will be offline for at least the next two days. I’ll be available for light communication via Email, WordPress, FB and Twitter apps on iPhone, but the laptop and work paraphernalia is being packed up and moved while my office receives a desperately needed face-lift in an attempt to become much more pleasing, organized and functional for the big things coming my way in 2013! 

As I’ve mentioned before, my house is over 120 years old. What that really means is that on  any given day there are 120+ projects that need to get done. And, 120 layers of wallpaper alternated with paint on any wall that I haven’t labored over yet. 

My home office is one of the last rooms to tackle. The wallpaper has been half stripped. The ceiling is peeling. Ah, Its a mess. Things are stored in totes and crammed into a bookshelf where they really don’t fit. My filing cabinet is filled with fish tank supplies and my files are stuffed into plastic bins. I’ve just really had enough! 

The rest of the wallpaper is coming down today and the paint is going up. I’m putting in a new bookshelf and adding wall shelving and baskets and totes and playing around with some Pinterest inspired ideas. 

It will be a total transformation. Now, at the end of 2012 is probably as good a time as any. I’m going to start the new year off fresh, organized and inspired by my new space. I’m excited (although dreading some of the work to come!). 

I’ll share after photos with you all later!