Parlez-vous français? (Do you speak French?) Voulez-vous apprendre à parler français? (Would you like to learn how to speak French?) I received a copy of Lightning Fast French for Kids and Families by Carol Woods a few weeks ago. My husband’s first language is French and we live in a place where French was spoken fluently throughout both our childhoods. I have retained bits and pieces but not enough to have a real conversation with my Husband. My 13 year old is extremely interested in learning the language and the other two children, 11 and 6, are enthusiastic about learning as well.

This is a great idea for families looking for a New Years Resolution that they can stick with together. The book is great because it really does promote learning together as a family.

According to the author,

No time to learn French? Want to teach your children but don’t speak French yourself? Lightning-Fast French helps you incorporate French into your every day activities, so you learn while doing the things you already do.
You’ll teach your children French the same way you taught them English – by interacting with them as you do daily activities. No need to set aside extra time in your busy schedule, and no need to speak French yourself – with this unique program, you both learn as you go. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you see results!

If you want to get your family speaking French fast – this book is for you!

Lightning-Fast French is:
* Built around every day situations – no need to set aside special time, and you will use your new language the first day!
* Ready to use with phonetic pronunciation included – no current French knowledge needed!
* Fun and easy to start!

I found the the book includes a lot of relateable situations and words that would be commonly used within a typical family. It’s easy to retain a few French words here and there but using them in a conversation can be difficult. Woods does a nice job of bridging that gap using actual conversations that real families would have inside their homes. The kids are picking up on these words, phrases and real-life usage quite quickly. If you are looking for a beginner book, this is it.

My one downfall, or suggestion, is to use this book hand-in-hand with a pronunciator. You can download many apps on your phone or use Google Translate. Just enter words that you are having difficulty pronouncing correctly into the pronunciator and HEAR it spoken correctly. Woods does a great job sounding them out using English spell-outs, but a few of the words and phrases were difficult for me to pronounce to my French-speaking Husband’s approval and/or understanding.

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