I recently had the privilege of reading Carolyn Woods’ latest book, OMG I Lost My Job Now What Do I Do. This is the second of her books that I have had the opportunity to read and review. And, for the second time, I’m impressed.

Carolyn does an excellent job convincing her readers to remain calm and focused as she takes them step-by-step through her given solutions.

The book is organized into three stages, or steps; 1. Evaluate. 2. Plan. 3. Implement.

During the evaluation section, the author provides really helpful suggestions for identifying how long current savings will last as well as ways to earn money in a pinch (yard sale, eBay, personal services, etc.).

In the planning section, you will learn ways to begin networking, create a resume and perhaps kick off a small business. I especially enjoyed the section on free Courses online through places like Coursera.

The final section, Implementing, providers readers with motivational tips as well as interviewing suggestions and ways to thank networking contacts once you land a new job.

This book is a very quick read with some great worksheets to get you thinking and start organizing you strengths, ideas and plans. If you are looking for something very in-depth, this is probably not the book for you. The focus here is less about being overwhelming and more about having easy solutions at your finger tips.

This book is just $4.99 on Kindle and its Erica Recommended!

Let me know if you download a copy! I’d love to hear what you think!

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