It’s been about four months since my family of five cut the cable cord and we couldn’t be happier! Our Time Warner Cable bill was around $240 a month for cable with HBO, Internet and phone service (that we never used). With all of our cutbacks, this bill seemed to top the list. We made the switch to Fairpoint for $40 for great quality Internet and Netflix at $7.99/mo and Hulu Plus for $7.99/mo. We are saving $184 per month!!

We also use Amazon Streaming to rent movies and because I have an Amazon Prime* membership I have access to tons of free movies and TV shows through Amazon as well.

We really do enjoy our memberships and especially love watching television shows that we enjoy as soon as the day after they air on Hulu with about a minute or less of commercials! I personally am not a big fan of commercials and usually used my DVR for my favorite shows just to avoid watching them!!

For local news and ABC programming, we are lucky enough to have an antenna that pulls in our state’s ABC affiliate, WMUR. We have a few digital antennas that cost under $20.

Since making the switch, we’ve seen every episode of Lost, Prison Break, Ghost Whisper, Breaking Bad, Medium and a whole lot more. The kids have unlimited access to their Disney and Nickelodeon favorites. Everyone is happy! If you need a way to cut out some expense, you really should consider making the switch.

You might be wondering how we watch all this stuff.. One son watches via his Xbox, the other two kids watch on their Wiis, our BlueRay Player has Netflix built in and our Roku player has all of these streaming channels. We also have a cord that connects a laptop to a TV but we don’t really need it any more. We LOVE the Roku and Amazon has them for $50 and they ship free with Prime! Great Christmas Gift!!!

*Amazon Prime is a membership program that gives you and your family unlimited fast shipping, such as FREE Two-Day shipping to street addresses in the contiguous U.S., on all eligible purchases for an annual membership fee of $79. Amazon Prime members in the U.S. can enjoy instant videos: unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows through Amazon Instant Video at no additional cost. Members who own Kindle devices can also choose from thousands of books — including more than 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers — to borrow and read for free, as frequently as a book a month with no due dates, from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Eligible customers can try out a membership by starting a free trial.

By Erica Buteau

Change Agent. Daydream Believer. Maker. Creative. Likes love, peace and Jeeping. Dislikes winter, paper cuts and war. She/Her/Hers.

6 thoughts on “Why We Canceled Cable and Never Looked Back”
  1. Hi Erica,
    I can definatly understand this. When I get my own home I problably won’t have cable either. I like using Netflix either on the computer or on my tv. It’s a time saver ( if problems) and money saver.

  2. […] I’ve had an Amazon Prime membership for the last three years. I’ve saved a ton of money on shipping and always check Amazon for larger purchases before making them in store. I get free shippin on all Prime elegible products (almost everything has Prime elegibility). And, I’ve watched three seasons of Downton Abbey completely free with Amazon Prime Instant Video (plus they offer over 40,000 movies free with Prime Membership). If you haven’t watched it, you should! Right now. Who needs school clothes anyway? Haha! (Read about how we save a ton of money without cable and almost never miss an episode of our favorite shows using  a TV antenna and our Roku here).  […]

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