Do you need to raise money for your group, team, organization or a special someone going through a tough time? Cancer patients, fire victims, disabled persons in need of equipment not covered by insurance, families whom have lost a sole provider, other victims of tragedy for which no reimbursement is available…

If you need to raise money but aren’t a non-profit group, traditional fundraisers may not be available to you. I’ve seen this in my own family a few times, for my niece who was born disabled and her parents in desperate need of a handicap-accessible van, for my mom who had to make 30 round trips for Radiation therapy 60 miles away while she fought breast cancer and for my own family when we lost everything in a house fire and were extremely underinsured. I would like to help!!

I’m offering Fundraising kits for anyone that has a real need! If you have at least 3-5 people willing to help you sell, you can raise money! The kits will include brochures, order forms and collection envelopes for as many people in your group that you need. You will be offering my recipe books for sale. The regular retail price per book is $19.99. There are two books available! You collect the orders and payments then send me a money order or bank check for $15 for every book sold! That’s $5 profit per book sold! I will also offer prizes for top sellers!!

If just 10 people each sell 10 books you will raise $500 for your cause!

The books feature fast and frugal recipes that anyone can make and everyone will love!! Please contact me for more information!



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