I recently had the opportunity to read, Super Moms Inc.: Work From Home, Build A Profitable Home Business, And Find Time For Your Family When You Have Kids To Take Care Of! by Carolyn Woods. The book is currently available on Kindle here. As a fellow CreateSpace publisher and Author with Recipe books for Busy Moms available for sale on Amazon I easily related to both Carolyn and her book’s content. At many points I actually felt like she’d written the book for me. In fact, Super Moms Inc.  has many tips for aspiring writers, bloggers and freelancers like myself. While I’m already a member of some of the Freelancer sites Carolyn recommends (like Elance)  there are a few in the book that I hadn’t heard of and I’ll definitely be checking them out!

I enjoyed the ideas for starting a home-based business and, quite frankly, after reading the title, I was relieved to see that the Author wasn’t trying to sell me anything or get me to buy into another pyramid scheme. In fact, Woods does the exact opposite! She warns her readers against paying to work and falling into expensive work-at-home traps. Woods empowers her readers with information that really works. And, as a mother of four children, Woods completely understands how complex life can be with children at home and offers insightful tips on how to balance parenting with working while cutting down on some expenses here and there. I’m especially grateful for the “Happy Meal” suggestion and will be working that into my home life right away!

Super Moms Inc. will be available in print in the near future. I’m looking forward to ordering my copy when it is! In the meantime, I highly recommend that you download the Kindle Version for just $9.99 today!

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