Erica Runs On Dunkin

I snapped this photo while at a Dunkin Donuts drive through getting my daily fix! I like coffee but LOVE iced coffee and no one does it like Dunkins! Are you addicted to coffee? It turns out that how you make your living may effect your desire for a cup of Joe!

According to a survey commissioned jointly by Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder® last month, food preparation and service workers are the professions that need coffee the most, followed by scientists and sales representatives. The survey results also show that coffee plays a major role in helping professionals perk up at work, as 43 percent of those who drink coffee claim they are less productive without a cup of Joe.

According to the results, the professions with the highest proportions of workers stating they are less productive without coffee vary widely. Those who need coffee to get through the workday the most are:

Food Preparation/Service Workers
Sales Representatives
Marketing/Public Relations Professionals
Nurses (Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant)
Editors/Writers/Media Workers
Business Executives
Teachers/Instructors (K-12)
Engineering Technicians/Support
IT Managers/Network

My work puts me on this list in at least two categories. Perhaps that will give me an excuse to continue “perking up” each morning. The study also found that,

Workers in the Northeast are cup champions: Fifty-five percent (55%) of workers claim to drink at least one cup of coffee each workday. Geographically, 64 percent of workers in the Northeast drink at least one cup per day, compared to the South at 54 percent and the Midwest and West at 51 percent.

As a Northern New Hampshire native I can only guess that the cold has a LOT to do with this!

How much coffee are you drinking? Are you on the list of heavy drinkers and do you think that the study is right? Let’s hear it!

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