Back in April I wrote about my husband and I’s desperate situation regarding a contractor that took $9,000 from us for replacement windows and an entry door. It’s been nine months since my husband and I handed Timothy Currier of Green Home Energy Systems a check. And, it’s been nine months since we’ve seen him, and our money. And it’s been about 50-60 years since the windows in our 120 year old house have been replaced.

In June, 2012 we went to court along with a few other victims of this man. The NH Attorney General petitioned for and was granted injunctive relief against Timothy Currier which basically meant that he was obligated to repay us our $9k and about $60k to his other victims and that he could no longer accept money for work until satisfactory completion. We felt that this was a step in the right direction although we knew that recouping our money was going to be an unlikely venture.
Three months later we received documents from the bankruptcy court where Currier filed bankruptcy listing us and many, many other victims and subcontractors as persons and entities to whom he owed money. We were discouraged but not surprised. You can read the Concord Monitor’s coverage of the bankruptcy here.
Today, I received what feels like a distant second place to reimbursement, an email from the NH Attorney General’s Office informing my husband and I that they have filed criminal charges against Currier. I feel like its a step in the right direction and hope that he is found guilty for the crimes he has committed against us and the other victims. You can read the Union Leader’s coverage of the criminal charges here as well as our Front Page story back in May in the Berlin Reporter.

I wish we could recoup our money. I wish that we had new windows. In the meantime, the chance that this “man” might “do some time” for what he has done to us might warm me up a few degrees this winter.

(And, for the record, before blaming the victim, the company had a B+ rating with the NH Better Business Bureau. I also searched for reviews and found only decent things said about the company. I did my homework. It just happened that around the time we handed over a check, Currier stopped doing his.)

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