I’ve been using Twitter since its early days and way before my friends had any idea what a Tweet was. I was an early adopter and part of a group that immediately recognized its value in social media and in promoting awareness. That being said, Twitter has grown since 2006, astronomically! Although it faced early criticism, its fan base grew and they struggled in the early days to keep up. Even they didn’t realize how successful it would become. Which means, for the lone tweeter, with the newsfeed filling in at thousands of tweets per minute (or even second) its hard to become and stay visible and relevant. It’s important to target your audience on Twitter by following those that are relevant to you, your audience, the people that you want to get your message out to. And, if you are lucky. They will follow you back and hopefully, retweet you! Say something important and don’t JUST use Twitter to promote. Engage with your fellow Tweeters, respond to their questions when you can do so in a meaningful way. And cross post!

Every time I blog here or at my Frugal Living site, a link to the blog along with part of its title appears in my Twitter feed. This is great to encourage readers like you to click my link and read my blog. But, I need the readers and their TRUST to make that happen! My Twitter posts also show up in my blog’s Twitter feed and on my Facebook Fan Pages. I’ve built those up organically without any paid advertising or sponsored posts. And, I started with my friends. I have just under 300 friends on my personal Facebook page. In 16 hours, more than a quarter of those friends clicked like on my Professional Page. And when one friend likes it, their friends see it so my estimated reach potential is nearly 500 times the number of friends that I have, today. That could, and I hope it does change tomorrow.

I also use Pinterest to promote any visually appealing content, especially when I post recipes with yummy photographs. My followers on Pinterest are a mix of people I know and people that I don’t but that have found my pins to be informative or, at the very least, pleasing. Don’t over Pin but do share what you love, what is relevant and never be afraid to make your audience giggle. They’ll remember you and thank you for it.


This is just the tip of the iceburg. At the bottom of my post you will see more ways to promote posts (Google+, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon). I can promote using these and so can my readers! Thanks for visiting! Watch for other quick tips everyday!