Aéropostale has partnered with Stomp Out Bullying to help spread the word against Bullying and is offering a free bracelet in stores on October 4, 2012. You can also print a 25% off coupon or use the code, 25FALLFLING during online checkout from October 4-7th (excludes clearance). If you miss out on the free bracelet you can order it directly from stompoutbullying.org for just $5 here.

20121003-112142.jpg Look around and I promise it won’t be hard to find someone that is struggling because of bullying. I need only look to my side where I can see, in person, the toll that bullying takes on my 11 year old daughter. Because she has some special needs and doesn’t have strong social skills she is very much a target at school. It breaks my heart when she comes home each day talking about what kind of insults and threats were hurled her way. Our school claims to have a tough anti-bullying policy but we’ve been tied up in phone calls for two straight school years. I will continue to fight for my daughter to be able to go to school and feel safe and confident in herself and her education!!!! Did you deal with bullies growing up? Does your child? Do you think it’s overhyped or do you advocate for stopping bullies? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or visit my Facebook page Moms at Home and discuss the issue there.


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