“One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop.” ~G.M. Weilacher

I bought my house dirt cheap. It was a foreclosure and we paid literally a quarter of the price listed a year ago. That means we paid a little for a lot of house and plenty of issues. BUT, its home and its ours! The house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms…technically. We didn’t replumb the bathroom in the basement when we replaced the frozen pipes…yet. We finished the main bathroom on the second floor and got the small half bath off our kitchen in working order…until the cold came in.

The first hard freeze of the winter shut off all of the plumbkng to the first floor bathroom. Warmer, abnormal temperatures since then gave us the occasional thaw but with real winter coming quickly we knew we needed a more permanent solution. Sadly, this was an instance where Wd40 and Duct tape couldn’ t play the hero.

You see, this particular bathroom was an after- thought…added on to the hiuse sometime. After thr original stone foundation and building was set. A hole in the wall kind of job….some of the foundation was cleared away and a hole was dug into the ground, filled with rocks and a bathroom was built. There wasn’t a need for a flashlight to see inside the hole, plenty of light poured in through the spaces in the rocks…a good place for the cold to come in and strangle the pipes as well!

Today was spent hemming six inches off the bottom of my step-sons pants for me…I’m much better at that! While my husband and cousin insulated the entire area with spray foam and fiberglass insulation. HERE’S TO HOPING WE WILL BR ABLE TO FLUSH ONCE THE DROP BACK DOWN TO BELOW FREEZING HERE IN THE ARCTIC TUNDRA! I’ll keep you posted. Coming soon…replacing the ceiling below the upstairs bathroom for the second time!

Much Love,
Eri B

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