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It can be incredibly difficult watching your teen grow and develop. At some point in their life, they may hit a downward spiral. This could be due to any number of things, such as bullying, hormones, or just not liking themselves. All you can do as a parent is sit back and watch, give them all the praise and encouragement you can. However, if this doesn’t work then you will need to look into other tactics. Take a look at the list below for some inspiration on how you can help your teen find their place in the world and develop self-esteem & confidence along the way. 

Take Part In Sports

One of the first things you could encourage your child to do is join a sports team. This is not only good for their physical development but their social development as well. These are crucial elements when it comes to your teen growing up. Joining a sports club could give them a chance to learn new skills or develop existing skills. It could also create friendships that will last a lifetime. Speak to your teen, find out what they are interested in and then find a team. There are plenty of local ones available. 

Find A Social Club

If a sports club isn’t for your child then how about a social club? If your teen likes other activities such as movies or reading then these clubs exist too. It doesn’t always have to be centered around sports. There are reading clubs that both you and your child could join, sharing an interest means your child has a close connection to you. They are more likely to open up to someone they associate similarities with. If they have friends at school they could ask what clubs they attend and maybe go along with them. 

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Speak To Professionals

If you think the problem with your teens’ confidence is deeper-rooted then they may benefit from chatting to the professionals. Sometimes you and your child need someone unrelated and unbiased to speak to. There are plenty of talking therapies out there for your child if you both think that will help. Your teen needs to want it otherwise it won’t help and they will feel forced into it. You could also take a look at the Eva Carlston Academy. This is a residential placement where your teen can take their time in finding their happy place. 

Take Them Shopping

Finally, shopping can really put a smile on your teenager’s face if they have been feeling particularly down. A brand new wardrobe can lift their spirits, it may be that they don’t feel comfortable in their own clothes. This can happen at any stage of your teen’s life, you won’t be wearing the same style or type of clothing forever. They need a change from time to time, and you can help them with that. Be supportive of their decisions, if you don’t like something they choose then gently discourage them or find ways to make the outfit work. 

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