Confidence is not a quality that you wake up one day and just have. Instead, it’s developed over time through positive experiences. For a teen to feel confident, they need to trust themselves. If you’re worried about your teen lacking confidence, you can make a difference. It can be grown through involving and exciting activities. Here are just a few activities to consider doing with your teen.


Being able to give back is one of the greatest gifts we have as people. If your teen isn’t feeling great about themselves, see if helping others helps. Through volunteer work, they can put their issues on hold. Instead, they can focus on others. You could volunteer at a soup kitchen or work with disaster relief. The fun comes from making a difference. Your teen will be doing work with an absolute purpose and results. Even if they can’t save the world, they can still make positive changes.

Riding ATVs

Are you looking for a delightful thrill to help boost your teen’s confidence? Then, you should look into riding some ATVs, like those from Birdy’s Scooters & ATV’s. It gives you a tremendous burst of adrenaline and a new skill for your teen. Riding an ATV is a lot like life. It can be difficult at times. However, once you get the hang of it, there’s no telling what you can do.


Well-developed survival tactics can be crucial in developing confidence. If your teen isn’t very confident, it might be they feel they can’t do enough. With camping, your teen needs to develop all kinds of skills. These include starting a fire, setting up a tent, and self-defense against animals. Go camping in a safe park for an evening. Bring along a survival handbook and work with your teen to master tools of survival.

New Clothes

Who you are on the inside matters most when it comes to confidence. However, there’s something to be said for getting some new clothes to feel great. Go shopping with your teen to give their wardrobe a boost. You want to find ones that match their style and help them look their best. A more thorough makeover might also be in order. Things like a new haircut and acne medication could really make a difference as well. It’s all about helping your teen become more comfortable with themselves.

Being confident doesn’t mean that you know you’ll do everything perfectly. Confident teens aren’t necessarily perfectionists. Instead, they enjoy things as they happen without putting too much pressure on themselves and, more importantly, they believe that they can do what they need to accomplish in life.

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