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Lifestyle Consultant, Erica Buteau, Before and After 180 Pound Weight Loss

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Is a lifestyle consultant for you? You need or want to lose weight but you don’t know how to get started. You’ve begun your journey but have found yourself stuck in place. Let’s talk about it! I’m happy to listen to your issue and point you in the right direction to get started on solving it. I don’t offer any quick fixes and I can’t promise results. YOU are in control of YOU but I’d love to share what I know and set you on your way!

There is nothing more important to me than helping others! Do you feel hopeless, helpless or just lack motivation? I’ve personally been there and never thought I could truly improve. Today feels like a good day to change your mindset!


Let My Journey Map Your Way!

My personal journey really sets the tone for what I know and what I can help with. I’ve done a ton of research over the course of my weight loss journey. I’m very close to obtaining my personal trainer certification.

I come with facts and vetted information, coupled with my own personal experience and success. I lost more than half my weight naturally on my own. This uniquely positions me to help YOU kick off your own weight loss journey.  I can offer tips on low carb eating, low-impact fitness routines and more, completely customized for you!

Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email immediately and then a follow-up email from me personally inviting you to fill out a brief questionnaire so that I have a good idea of your background and the issues you’re facing. Then, depending on your choice, I’ll either email you back with my recommendations or we can schedule either a 30-minute or 1-Hour Telephone Consultation. The 1-Hour Consultation may be held in one session or we can break it up into two, just use the drop-down list below to let me know which way works best for you.

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Not quite sure if you want or need a lifestyle consultant, or if I will fit the bill?

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Or, maybe a lifestyle consultant isn’t quite enough to get you started. If you want me to work with you longer, check out my Lifestyle Coaching option here.

What  People Have Said About Erica: 

Erica is … “Motivated, driven, accomplished.” Faith K.

Words to describe Erica … “Beautiful, giving, helpful, strong, caring, honest, successful, captivating, devoted, confident [and] positive.” Lousie L.

Erica is … “a very compassionate and driven lady, loving mom and devoted wife. [Her] intelligence is off the charts and [she is] a superb grandma. But what stands out to me besides very determined is [that she is a] REAL, take no shit woman who has my complete respect and an absolute positive role model to men and women.” DJ

Erica is… “on the top five list of the strongest woman I know. She balances a career, marriage, motherhood, being a Nonna and a long list of other things quite well. She is selfless. A giver and a nurturer. Hilarious. A great friend.” Melinda M.

Erica is … “very intelligent. patient (while teaching me Math ugh), determined, thoughtful, friendly and strong, independent and a time manager. She has a great sense of humor and is a great friend and a kick ass woman and is are humble about it and hard working as well as many other things, I could go on forever.” Kim D.

Erica is … “a sweet, caring person who encourages people.” Diane B.

Erica is … “Highly motivated, organized, loyal. Driven, successful, accomplished. Thoughtful, kind, honest.” Angeles w.

Erica is … “Inspiring, strong, smart as hell, caring, understanding, patient, a great teacher and friend!” Ashley S.

Erica is ready to be YOUR lifestyle consultant! Get in touch!