If you are a law-abiding citizen, chances are you have decided to also be a gun owner. If so, this comes with a tremendous responsibility that will ensure you, your family, and others stay as safe as possible. Rather than find yourself unknowingly breaking the law or creating a situation that results in a needless tragedy, here are some top tips for being a responsible gun owner.

Never Point Your Gun at Anyone

First, never point your gun at anyone, even if it is unloaded. Numerous times, people have found themselves doing this, only to be shocked when a weapon they thought was unloaded accidentally fires. Unless you are in the act of shooting, always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.

Keep Your Guns Locked Up

When you are not using your guns, always keep them locked up in a safe location. Like many people, you may have purchased a gun cabinet for your weapons. If not, you can use a lockable storage box, a gun safe, or another secure location to keep your guns safely tucked away from children or other individuals.

Know the Laws

When you own a gun, it is always important that you know the laws pertaining to gun ownership. For example, if you wish to carry your gun with you when you run errands or even go to church, do what is needed to gain the necessary permissions to carry your weapon. Should you fail to do so and be found in possession of a gun, you could potentially face criminal charges.

Keep Your Permit Up-To-Date

Maintaining your permit to carry is an important responsibility when it comes to firearms use and ownership. Not only is it full of vital information about you and the firearm(s) in your possession, but it must be kept up to date in order for you to stay on the right side of the law. This often requires renewing your permit a few times per year, or at minimum once every couple of years depending on your state’s requirements. It may seem like an additional hassle, but having a valid permit is worth the time and effort involved – it’s also a good way to make sure that all other paperwork involving you and your firearm is also as current as possible.

Don’t Touch the Trigger

When you are holding your gun, don’t always keep your index finger on the trigger or even inside the trigger guard area. If you do, this could lead to you accidentally firing your gun. Instead, get yourself in the habit of keeping your index finger extended straight along the frame of your gun.

Take a Gun Course

Even if you think firing a gun is easy and that you know all you need to know about guns, it’s still a good idea to take a gun safety course. Often taught at police stations and gun shops, these courses will teach you about properly caring for your gun, how to safely carry and fire your weapon, and much more. Taught by current and former police officers or licensed firearms dealers, a gun safety course is always a wise investment.

By keeping these tips in mind when owning a gun, you will be a gun owner who is known for being very responsible in all aspects of gun ownership.

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