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Children need a voice to represent them as they are too young and inexperienced to understand some of the things that could happen to them in their life and to be able to do anything about it themselves.

We are all aware of horrendous child trafficking stories that manage to snare children into their criminal web and that is why many of us feel compelled to find legit anti-trafficking organizations to donate to so that work can continue in the fight to close these child trafficking gangs.

Here is an overview of some of the organizations that exist in order to fight for children’s rights and improve their lives in the process.

Operation Underground Railroad

This organization’s sole purpose is to rescue children from the horrors of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

They investigate and infiltrate these gangs and liaise with enforcement agencies to find a way to close their operation down where possible and give a child fresh hope that they can enjoy a safer and better future.

World Vision

This is a Christian organization that aims to improve the lives of children and enhance the community they live in for a more positive future.

World Vision works in more than 100 countries and their child sponsorship program provides financial support to help with things such as healthcare, education, and food security.


This organization is one of the largest of its kind when it comes to fighting for children’s rights. 

They are represented in almost 200 countries and their activities are firmly based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

They also aim to get supplies to children in areas of the world where access to food, medicines, and water is often extremely limited.

Save the Children

The name says it all. They operate a number of programs across the globe that are designed to help children survive difficult conditions and situations.

They also actively engage with children when it comes to teaching them about their rights and the importance of family and local communities.

ECPAT International

ECPAT is a children’s rights organization that is entirely focused on finding ways to end the sexual exploitation of children.

They also collate and publish reports about sexual exploitation and sex trafficking around the world. Helping to highlight specific issues and raise global awareness in the process.

Defence for Children International (DCI)

DCI focuses on four fundamental priorities. Justice for children, children affected by armed conflict, violence against children, and the issue of children on the move.


This organization pays particular attention to the goal of ending violations of children’s rights globally.

They do this by raising awareness and offering legal assistance to tackle localized issues.

WE Charity

This Canadian organization operates internationally. Their aim is to try and eliminate child poverty and do what they can to improve the lives of children around the world.

International Bureau for Children’s Rights (IBCR)

IBCR liaises with social workers and other government agencies in order to encourage the implementation of child-friendly practices.

Their primary focus is on tackling violence against children and exploitation.

PLAN International

The fundamental goal of this organization is to empower children in a way that allows them the opportunity to drive changes in practices and policies that affect them in a negative way.

They have a program that is designed to educate children and give them support in an emergency situation.

Children are our future. That’s why it is so important these organizations get the support they need to carry out their meaningful work to protect children and improve their lives for the better.