Many people in the U.S. own firearms that they keep at home. Family safety is always a priority, and there are many ways to achieve it. If you are a new handgun owner, you may want to take a class on how to use and maintain your weapon while protecting loved ones who share the same residence.

Read the Handbook

The gun you purchased from a gun shop or previous owner may come with its own handbook. In addition to policies and procedures for using a gun legally in your state, the handbook will likely include information on gun safety. Since safe use of your handgun relies on following the legal requirements for owning and operating a weapon, the handbook is a valuable resource in explaining basic safety rules for gun owners.

Become Familiar With State Laws

Check your state laws online with respect to owning and using a firearm. Look for specific information about safe use and home storage of a weapon and ammunition. If you still have questions, contact the source directly. Never assume that because you don’t find specific information about gun safety that it is not important. It is up to responsible gun owners to locate and apply weapon safety rules and policies to protect everyone in the household by using a gun safe. Some companies, like Safe and Knife Co., know that you can find recommendations for the type of safe to use as well as how to keep it secure.

Keep a Gun Safe at Home

Your home gun safe should be in good working order. It needs to be lockable with a key or code that is restricted to family members only. Many people store their guns and ammunition separately, and you may want to do the same by having more than one gun safe at home or keeping the ammunition inaccessible to kids or visitors. Clarify to family members who can open the gun safe and under what conditions. Check periodically to be sure no one in the household is opening the safe or handling the firearms without your knowledge or consent.

Instruct Family Members About the Gun Safe

Inform the family members where the safe is kept and how it can be opened without necessarily providing the specific key or the code. In case of emergency in your absence, they can report this information to law enforcement if needed.

Gun ownership comes with the responsibility of keeping everyone safe in your home. In addition to using your weapon responsibly, store it safely for the benefit of everyone in your home.

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