It’s no secret that your gun is a vital part of your protection. But what about the parts of your gun that are less visible? The parts that you may not even know are essential to your safety. Discussed below are parts of your gun that are more important than you probably realize.


Barrels are not just for the look of your firearm. They are the most important part of your gun. Barrels serve as the path between you and your target. This is why it’s so important to make sure that your barrel is in good shape and well-maintained. If you have a barrel that is too short, it will be obvious from the way it shoots that it’s not up to snuff. If you have a barrel that is too long, then you might end up with a gun that shoots too high or low.


The trigger is not just there to shoot the gun. It’s there to make sure that you don’t shoot yourself. If you have a trigger that is too heavy, it will be hard to squeeze. And if your trigger is too light, then it will take too long to squeeze, and then you’ll miss the target completely. The good idea is to take a piece of paper and close your fist around it for you to feel how heavy or light a trigger needs to be for you to squeeze it properly.

Pistol Primer

The only thing that keeps a gun from going off is the primer. Pistol primers are small and usually made of metal. If you have a gun with a loose primer, it might take too long to go off, and you’ll miss your target completely. A large pistol primer is usually used in a revolver and should be placed on the side of the gun. In contrast, a small pistol primer is usually used in semi-automatic pistols and placed directly under the firing pin.

In conclusion, it is important to identify a gun’s parts and how they work together to maintain your gun properly. If you don’t know the function of the parts, then you might end up damaging them or making them worse. The majority of the time, if you take care of your guns, they’ll stay in good condition for a long time and will last a lifetime. However, it would be best if you took care of your guns properly so that they won’t break down while you’re using them.

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