Christians read the Bible to find the meaning and understanding of life. Other people, like scholars, study the Bible to understand the basis of religion and its impact on societies. Regardless of your reasons for reading the Bible, it can be a great source of knowledge and a guide to righteous living. To understand the Biblical messages, you may need to understand the following seven facts.

Over 40 Different Authors Wrote the Bible

Among factors contributing to the diversity of opinions and meanings among different sects of Christianity is the diversity in authorship. Over 40 different men wrote the New Testament alone over 500 years. The diversity in authorship accounts for the many points of view that appear within believers. Also, two apostles from Jesus’ disciples, James and Jude, wrote the New Testament books. Others include Paul, John, Peter, Luke, and Matthew.

The Bible Is Not a Single Book but a Collection of Different Writings

The Bible is more than a single book; it is a collection of different books written by many authors. The first book to be written in the Bible was Moses’s Torah (or book of law); the later books would be arranged according to their relevance to the Torah. However, it was not until about 1,600 to 2,000 years later that Christians found a way of compiling the various books into a single book.

The Bible Has Been Translated Into Over 1000 Languages

The Bible is translated into over 1000 different languages, making it one of the world’s most distributed and read books. Even though it is one of the most circulated books, you may be unable to read it if you can only read in one language. You can find a translation of the Bible in Spanish, Amharic, or Japanese, to mention some examples.

The Bible Is Divided Into Two Sections With Seven Major Divisions

The Bible is divided into two major sections, the New Testament and the Old Testament. Also, the order of the books in the Old Testament is based on their length. According to a statistical average, it took about 70 days to read the entire Old Testament. It means the longer books would come earlier and shorter ones later.

In your journey to understand the Bible, you might encounter other modern authors who share their understanding. Authors like Abdruschin came to present a different approach to spirituality in their literature. If you want to know more, you can search who is abdruschin and explore the motivation behind his literature.

The Bible Has Been Changed Several Times Since It Was First Written

Since its first writing, the Bible has undergone many changes and modifications that different people have made at other times. These changes have been made to ensure its language and meaning fit with time and culture. For example, early Christians found it difficult to understand the Book of Revelation, a book written by John. They eventually decided to divide it into two different books to solve this problem. One of the Books they created was called The Apocalypse (meaning unveiling or revealing), and the other book is named The Revelation.

The Bible Is God’s Tool To Transform Believers

The Bible is not just a book about written language, but it also has a critical directive purpose as a tool for transforming believers. The idea was established by Jesus in the New Testament when he said to his disciples, “The Scripture cannot be broken.”

Pope Francis stated, “It is a word that changes hearts and lives. It is a book that transforms us. It is a gift that governs us. It is the word of God that transforms our hearts.”

The Bible Contains Information About the Creation of Our Universe

In the beginning, there was nothing but chaos and darkness. The Bible then tells its readers that something unique happened, which caused light to be shown in the darkness. According to the Bible, this light came from God and delivered everything in existence before time. Some scholars have come to argue to explain “the big bang theory.”

It would also be essential to know that the Bible contains information about God’s power and ability. It also reveals that he has complete control over everything that exists. It also states that he can take away his creation if he chooses. There are many quotations in the Bible and stories, including said events that prove these facts.

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