After a home is built, the professionals involved in its construction can put away their tools and head on to their next work site. You might not need tools or equipment for long stretches of time, but there will be days that you will. Knowing the tools and equipment that every home should have will keep you prepared for the moments when needs arise.

Measuring Tape

You’ll need one of these to figure out the space for a new appliance or the square footage of an entire room. Start with an easy-lock model that is 0.75 inches wide. Anything skinnier might get lost, and something bigger might not let your toolkit close.

Claw Hammer

You might already have one because most hammers are claw hammers. These are used simply for putting nails in on one side and pulling them out with the other. Be sure whatever hammer you get has a comfortable grip so you can keep using it safely as long as you need to. Vibration-dampening also helps you keep your grip and nails straight and steady.


Whether it’s a single screwdriver where you can change between heads or a set, make sure you can do both flat head and Phillips heads available. When you have both, you’ll be able to screw and unscrew anything you come across in your various projects. Cordless and electric models can make screwing actions a lot easier on your wrists, but having a simple model in your toolkit is a good idea for emergencies because they’ll always work.


Having a toolbox seems pretty obvious, but it is overlooked more than you know. You don’t need a 5 drawer tool chest sitting in your garage unless, of course, you have tools to fill it up. But it is best to start small, even if it’s just a clear plastic bin from your local store. As time passes you will likely add to your collection and need something a little larger. Something portable for everyday fixes is the best. Also, something that is easily stored.

A Safe

If your home has firearms of any kind, then you need a gun safe where you can store guns securely. Whether it’s something from a company such as Safe & Knife Co. or another retailer, a gun safe can do three things for you. First, it can make it harder for burglars to steal your guns. Second, it can keep firearms and sidearms out of the reach of children. Third, it can keep your guns clean so you have an easier time maintaining them.

It Doesn’t Matter if You Own or Rent

These are tools and equipment that every home should have, whether you own or rent. Even if you have a landlord or maintenance department you can call on for repairs, you’re still going to need these tools from time to time for your own personal responsibilities.

By Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.

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