Little boy and his mother praying at home, closeup

When you’re stuck inside of the house, it’s easy to become down in the dumps. This is especially true when you’re a Christian who desires community engagement with other believers or the chance to worship. Thankfully, there are many ways to remain religiously active when you’re within the confines of your home. Consider the following tips to get started.

Develop a Personal Study Routine

In most cases, you shouldn’t have to say you’re a Christian for people to take notice. The way you treat others, handle situations, and carry yourself will speak on its own. In order to develop a Christ-like character, learn more about how He lived and treated others. The best way to do this is through a personal study routine. Read a chapter from a book in the Bible. Take notes, and do some personal reflection on a daily basis. Learn how to apply the lessons to your own life. This is an excellent way to put your religion into practice.

Watch Church Online

There’s something so encouraging about seeing others who prioritize their faith and dedicate their lives to it. Your local church is one of the most prominent places to see this manifest. However, if you can’t make it inside the church doors, you can always open up your phone or your laptop to watch church online.

Join an Online Bible Study

Even if there’s a chat room in your church’s live broadcast, there’s still a limit to how much you can interact. Look for online bible study groups that meet on a regular basis. This might require you to put yourself out there a bit. You might even decide to start a bible study of your own. Ask your friends or family members if they’d be interested in joining you on a journey through a specific book of the Bible like Acts or Proverbs. This can help you remain active and accountable to a smaller community.

Create a Ministry-Based Social Media Presence

As you become more intentional about reigniting your faith and connecting with these tips, take note of how your overall mood and life change. As you dig deeper into your faith from a personal perspective, this will make you a stronger Christian who’s able to mentally get through any trial or tribulation that comes your way.

A ministry-based social media presence doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. You can just post a scripture, an encouraging word or a beautiful worship song on your page. People are always in need of encouraging words to boost their spirits. By using social media and your phone intentionally, you can become a conduit to bless others as you remain religiously active.