Men love to be gifted but choosing the right gift can be a tall order if your man is the one who always brings you gifts. If you want to surprise him this year, here’s a list of five gifts to give your man this year.

Contemporary Art

Choosing art does not come naturally for the common folk, and walking around galleries can make it harder to settle on one. There are simple rules to follow when choosing home art as a gift. Choose bright colored artwork if the space is full of neutral tones, especially flooring, couch, and walls. Choose the right size to fit the space as you do not want art that overshadows every other item in the space. Most importantly, choose art that compliments and is most similar to his personality.


Buying a watch that compliments your man’s personality can be a tough decision. There are many varied watch styles, and before going shopping, research styles, quartz, analog, and digital watches. Stick to comfortable, light watches that are best suited for daily wear. High durability watches made of stainless steel with leather straps transition well from day to night and offers practical designs. Measure his wrist size beforehand to ensure that it’s not too big a size to wear comfortably.


Knowing more about custom rifles is the first step to choosing the right kind of rifle. If your man is an avid gun collector, compare all guns he has and develop a design that’s neither big nor too small. The ease of use should also come into play as some guns can be challenging to carry around. Most importantly, the overall appeal comes into play as you want custom rifles that have visual appeal and will give him bragging rights every time it’s in use.


Shoes for a man are all about character. When choosing, pick one that matches most of the paint colors or is a shade or two darker. Pick high-quality shoes with comfortable innerwear that can last a lifetime with proper care. When choosing one, pick on design carefully as it will determine whether they will be a favorite or sit comfortably at the back of the closet forever.


Everyone has a hobby, and getting tickets to one of the sports or gaming events will brighten your man up for the rest of the year. If your man has several hobbies, try and figure out which he will best be thrilled with. Start early as it will save you some cash since demand is still low. To seal the deal, you might want to add fan wear.

When choosing a gift, do not wait until a special celebration date to gift your man. Also, men’s items are slightly expensive, and you might want to work with a budget. Start saving early to get the correct item.

By Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.

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