Although a camping trip should be an opportunity to get away from the stresses of normal life, there are still dangers that you may encounter while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. On rare occasions, you may encounter dangers so severe that you need to protect yourself with a handgun. However, a handgun is not a suitable camping accessory for every individual. To determine whether or not you should bring your handgun camping, it’s important to consider a few factors.


The first factor to consider before you bring a handgun to your next camping trip is the rules and regulations at the site where you’ll be camping. Even if you’re able to carry a handgun in your particular city or state, the park or campground where you’re headed may have different rules. Especially if you’re camping in a state or national park, it’s important to carefully look through regulations to ensure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law. If you need to file for a permit, make sure to do it well in advance to account for any potential processing delays.

Potential Risks You Will Face

It’s also a good idea to think through any risks you will face while you’re camping to ensure you bring along the right safety solutions. For example, if you’re only worried about bears, you might consider taking along bear spray instead of a firearm. Of course, if you’re camping in an area that’s known for crime, bringing a handgun with plenty of ammo might be the best and safest option.

Ability To Store Safely

The importance of gun safety doesn’t go away when you’re camping. It’s important to make sure that you can safely store your handgun while you’re on the trip, especially if there are children in your group. While you likely won’t be able to bring along a gun safe, it’s still important to make sure that the safety is working properly and that you have a secure place to store the firearm while you’re sleeping. One common practice is to separate the ammo from the firearm. This can be both to prevent accidental firing as well as decrease the danger of having the firearm with you. For example, you can keep 250 rounds 9mm ammo box in a separate gear case from your actual firearms case.

Expected Weather

If inclement weather is expected while you’re camping, it’s important to take this into account when deciding whether or not to take your gun with you. To prevent damage to your firearm, make sure to store it in a waterproof container if inclement weather is expected. For times when the weather is predicted to be totally miserable, you may want to consider leaving your firearm at home so that it doesn’t sustain damage.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, apart from any legal challenges, taking a firearm camping is entirely your preference. While there are certainly benefits to having a firearm with you, there are challenges that come along with this decision, as well. Once you make your decision, make sure to stick to it to further reduce any safety risks so that your mind can be at ease while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

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