A firing range may be a new experience for you or you may already frequent your local range several times per year. Regardless of how often you’ve visited one before, there are some things you should know about the ammunition you bring or buy there to make sure that both you and your fellow shooters are safe at all times. Here’s what you need to know about ammunition at a firing range:

Bringing Your Own Ammo

While it may seem like a good idea to buy your ammo when you get to a firing range, there are several advantages to bringing your own. Not only will you be able to shoot more in a single trip, but it is also safer and easier. With your ammo, you have complete control over what type of bullets and how much ammunition you bring with you. Moreover, there is less chance for error on part of the staff if you bring your supply.

It’s not uncommon for a gun range to get low on certain types of ammunition and that can be a huge inconvenience for you and everyone else that uses the facility. For example, if your rifle takes remanufactured 223 firearm ammunition, you’ll be able to guarantee you have exactly what you need to get the most from your visit if you bring your own.

Buying Ammunition at the Gun Range

Gun ranges have a variety of rules and regulations about ammunition. If you’re concerned about going to a gun range and bringing your ammo, call ahead to find out what type of ammunition is offered and consider purchasing it. Customers that don’t want to bring their bullets can easily buy them onsite. In most cases, you may want to buy ammo from a firing range because it will be more convenient than bringing your supply.

Can you use different caliber ammunition?

While some firing ranges allow you to bring your ammunition, it’s important to make sure that they accept your caliber of choice before you visit. Most ranges sell ammunition but also offer discounts for customers who bring their own. Likewise, if you’re unsure about the types of firearms allowed, call ahead to ask about your choice of gun too.

When you pay your money to visit a firing range, it’s natural to expect that the ammunition you use will be included in the price of admission. When this isn’t the case, it can seem like an unfair additional expense that you weren’t expecting, but bringing your ammunition may not always be an option. Keep this guide in mind when planning your next visit to a firing range to help you make the best decision.

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