In the US, guns have become a significant part of life and a subject of heated debate. One in every three homes with kids has a firearm, and most of these weapons stay loaded or unlocked. This statistic becomes scary when you imagine that even a child as young as three can find an unlocked firearm in your home and has enough strength to pull a trigger. Luckily, you can take practical measures to protect your children from accidental firearm injuries in your home.

Gun Safety and Children

Discussing guns and gun safety with your children is the best thing you can do to help them understand the dangers of using firearms. You should:

  • Discuss the difference between firearms in video games or movies and real life.
  • Explain that real guns can seriously injure or kill someone, unlike guns shown in movies or video games.
  • Educate your children about the mystery surrounding firearms. Make them understand that they can express strong feelings like anger and fear without using weapons.
  • Tell your children what they should do when they find a firearm, outside or inside your home. Tell them to leave it alone and inform an adult immediately.

Gun Storage Tips

There are various tips you can follow to keep you and your loved ones safe from accidental shooting in your home, including:

  • Never leave your firearm unattended, even when cleaning it.
  • Always keep your firearms unloaded and lock them in a safe, even if your kid has had gun safety training.
  • Separate the key to the safe from the rest of your home keys.
  • Don’t store ammunition together with guns.

How to Keep Your Firearms Safe in Your Home

Today, there are numerous devices designed to help you prevent unauthorized access and operation of your gun and protect your firearm against physical damage and theft. It’s advisable to use more than one of the options outlined below in addition to the tips mentioned above. The following are some of the standard storage options you can use to keep your firearms safe.

1. Trigger locks

Trigger locks help prevent an unauthorized user from loading or firing your firearm. Although not impossible, trigger locks make it difficult for someone to pull the trigger without removing the cover. A trigger lock acts as a guard against accidental shootings when removing your firearm from its secure storage. However, you should never install trigger locks on loaded guns because they get into contact with the trigger.

2. Gun cases

You will find gun cases at local stores. These storage devices come in different sizes, shapes, and materials designed to fit all types of firearms available. They range from rugged foam-lined plastic cases to padded fabric sleeves, with prices ranging between $10 and $150. These devices protect one or more guns against physical damage.

3. Security cases and strong boxes

Security cases and strong boxes demonstrate the manufacturer’s effort to offer gun owners gun-finish and anti-theft security features of locking a firearm cabinet while maintaining the transportability of long-gun and hand-gun carry cases. The prices range from $50 to $300.

4. Locking steel cabinets

Compared with security cases and strong boxes, locking steel cabinets have a higher storage capacity and internal configuration options. However, they differ from gun safes in different ways. They have a thinner steel gauge, lack fire-resistant insulation, and a simple locking mechanism. They are lightweight, meaning you can easily move them downstairs and upstairs with the help of one person.

5. Gun safes

Gun safes are the most secure firearm storage which an average gun owner can use to prevent unauthorized access to guns. The coated interiors and steadfast racks help protect the finish of your firearm and deter theft. Gun safes’ weight, the complex locking mechanism, the heavy-gauge steel outer box, and the option to fasten the safe to a concrete slab all work collaboratively to protect your gun. In addition, safes offer additional protection against fires, floods, and other disasters. You can get a large gun safe that can store about 100 rifles from Dean Safe. Buying a gun safe shows a significant investment, with prices ranging between $500 and $2,500.

One of the most crucial life-saving steps you can take is finding a secure way to keep your firearm at home. Whether you want to keep your firearm away from intruders or out of your children’s reach, ensure you develop a safety plan to avoid accidental shootings in your home.

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