Is your bathroom looking boring and slightly outdated? Fear not! The great news is that it is quite easy to beautify your bathroom without spending a fortune in the process. The secret lies in making over the smaller details and adding a touch of your own personality to the look and feel of the room. Get started by following these eight easy steps. 

1: Buy some bathroom stickers 

Bathroom stickers lend modern flair to your personal care space with very little effort on your part. Choose from something pretty and whimsical, such as dolphins or floral patterns, or opt for an inspirational or funny quote. Scrabble wall art, in particular, has become popular this year, so watch out for stickers forming bathroom-related words using scrabble tiles, like ‘Bath’. 

Be sure to take a look at Aspect Wall Art transfers for a host of options when it comes to bathroom stickers, living room stickers, personalized stickers, and more. You can visit to find the perfect one for your bathroom. 

2: Accent the room with color 

The easiest way to breathe new life into your bathroom is by accenting it with a pop of color here and there. You could decide to repaint the walls in a shade slightly brighter than what you are used to, experiment with vibrant wallpaper, or keep it subtle by purchasing colorful ornaments or towels. 

For best results, choose two main colors that either complement or contrast one another and work with different shades of each. Trendy colors of the moment include white paired with aqua, black and gold, as well as crimson and silver. 

3: Get a bold shower curtain

Your shower does not need to be plain and uninspiring. There is a new fad that is currently plastered all over home décor magazines: bold, patterned shower curtains. There are minimalistic patterns to choose from — think black and white polka dots — along with several exciting, quirky designs with which to have some fun. You can even have a custom print transferred onto a shower curtain if you approach the right company. 

4: Makeover your mirror

An old, chipped, or dirty mirror can have a massive impact on the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Luckily, this is an aspect of the room that is easy and affordable to replace. If you are keen to try something out of the norm, why not consider a full mirrored wall behind your sink? This is a wonderful idea if you have the space available. You will enjoy a full 360-degree view of your outfit when getting ready and are sure to find the task of putting on your makeup in the morning infinitely simpler. 

5: Consider a sculpture 

A sculpture can act as a focal point inside your bathroom. It does not have to be a traditional sculpture, however. Just find a beautiful or sentimental item that you wish to put on display for your guests and family members. 

6: Switch up the bathroom mats 

A bathroom should be more than just beautiful; it should be luxurious, too. Therefore, it is so important to spend a little bit extra on plush, super-soft bathroom mats. They will keep your feet toasty warm whenever you step out of the bathtub or shower and contribute a sense of coziness and homeliness to the space. 

Some interior designers recommend having your bathroom mats and shower curtain made using the same pattern or design for maximum effect. Luckily, most companies that print custom shower curtains can also supply customers with custom bathroom mats. 

7: Give cabinet doors some TLC 

You don’t need to replace the entire vanity to brighten it up and make it look as good as new. Often, all that you have to do is provide the doors with some TLC. A fresh coat of paint, some stylish new handles, applying painted shims, or attaching beautiful moldings can get the job done in a flash. 

8: Get rid of clutter

Your bathroom is the room in the house in which you relax and pamper yourself — hence the reason its atmosphere needs to be conducive to stress-relief. The first course of action should be to get rid of any unnecessary clutter from the space. It is amazing just how big of a difference a simplistic, well-cared for bathroom can make to your mood and your well-being in general! 

Follow all these steps and you will be left with a stunning bathroom of which you can feel truly proud. Don’t be afraid to get creative and explore other trends to find an aesthetic that best fits in with the rest of your home and your personal preferences.