There’s no denying the fact that guns have been a hot topic of discussion when it comes to children. Teaching them the right way to use guns can go a long way in preventing gun violence in your local community. Here is a look at what you should be teaching your kids about guns and when.

Trust Your Instinct

There’s no one age that defines when a child should be taught about guns. Rather, every kid develops at their own pace and is exposed to a different environment when growing up. Trust your gut to tell you when it’s the right time to teach your children about guns. It’s best to address the issue early on that way you can set your children straight about guns and gun safety. Avoiding the issue can actually make it more difficult to change unfavorable thinking about guns and gun safety in the future.

Explain How It Works

If you haven’t noticed by now, your children are very curious about most things around them. 9mm handguns are no different than any other thing that your children want to explore. Use their exploration as a way to explain how guns work. When you can describe to your kids the process of what happens when they fire a handgun or a rifle, they learn the correct way. Be sure to notate the difference between a real gun and a toy gun so that your children can understand the variances between the two.

Explain the Uses for a Gun

When it comes to teaching your children anything, being honest and upfront about everything helps them to gain a better grasp of the subject. Let your children know what the various uses are for a gun, and how your family uses them like hunting, target practice, and home security. This way, they don’t end up looking for uses on their own. Make it very clear that guns are designed to kill, and should not be used without care and consideration.

Let Them Know What to Do When They Find a Gun

Your children will likely be hanging out at other houses and taking walks in some wooded areas. There’s always a possibility that a gun can be discovered and your children should be informed of what to do when they see one. By giving them a way to respond to this type of situation, they’re more likely to follow your steps when it happens in real life.

Teaching your children about using guns and gun safety is something that every parent should address. It doesn’t matter if you have guns in your home or not, your children should be knowledgeable about them. The above four tips should help you to properly discuss guns with your children.

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