It’s no secret that mothers want to protect their children. However, there are secrets involving the best ways to do this. For example, some mothers wish they could do more to protect their families, but they are unsure as to the best way to do this. Thankfully, you can check out these five momma bear tips below.


Social Media Awarness

Great mothers in the 21st century know all about the Internet and social media. For example, these women know how to use social media to maximize enjoyment and safety for their children. They maintain a social media account to foster relationships and understand how the technology works. However, they are also vigilant as to what they post online about their children. This perfect combination of Internet enjoyment and safety limits the potential risks of social media.


Conceal and Carry

Effective moms understand that there may come a time when they need to step up and protect their home and family. This is why many mothers are familiar with conceal and carry laws in their home states, and they often own a firearm to utilize those laws. As a logical extension to this, great mothers also take the time to stay on top of their firearm training, use a great concealed carry purse, and make sure all of their children know, understand, and respect firearms in the home.


Safety Network

Moms know that it takes a village to protect a family. This means a good mom has cultivated a network of trusted friends she can rely on for both advice and assistance. If any of her children have a unique disability, such as autism, she gets involved in groups with other moms to share parenting ideas. These networks provide valuable assistance in times of crisis. Even better, these networks even reduce the likelihood of a crisis developing.


Proactive Parenting

Great moms don’t wait for surprises. This means they take a highly proactive approach when it comes to parenting. For example, they keep first aid kits stocked. They take the time to install safety devices in the home to protect young children. They keep insurance cards and other vital information handy. They have spoken to their teenage children about the dangers of risky behaviors. They know the company Browning Lifestyle creates conceal and carry purses they need, and they have formed an open relationship with their children to keep the lines of communication open. All of this preparation represents a lot of work! However, great moms know all of that work is completed a little bit at a time throughout their time as a parent. In other words, a real momma bear knows that small bricks of protection added daily will ultimately build a sturdy wall to protect her family.

Great Moms Stay Informed

Great moms know how to protect their families by always staying informed. They never hide their heads in the sand and try to wish away problems. For example, they stay in touch with schools and teachers. They know what is happening on a local, statewide, and national scale. All of this information helps moms educate and shield their children. Also, this constant search for knowledge and information is a trait that is ultimately picked up by a mother’s children. This trait will then serve her children long after their mother is gone.


If you want to be a true momma bear, consider utilizing the above information above to protect you and your family. Remember, it takes time and dedication, but even the most timid and inexperienced mother can transforms herself into a towering example of motherhood.


By Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.

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