Military veterans that have seen combat know that switching back to common reality is not as easy as it sounds. After many years of being exposed to a less than appealing lifestyle filled with making dire decisions, holding responsibility for an entire team of people, and not having access to clean water, housing, and sewage, military veterans are expected to return to their old life and remain successful. However, studies show that military veterans with hobbies are more likely to successfully transition back into their lives. This article describes five hobbies that military veterans could adopt to smooth the transition into common life.

Shooting Firearms

Many can attest to the idea that a day at the gun range serves to reduce stress. There is something about the noise of a gunshot, the feel of the recoil in the hands and shoulders, and the skill of getting the bullet to the desired place on the target that relieves stress. If one were to own his or her own firearm, such as a pistol with an MP5 bolt head, then the cost of this hobby can range from the price of bullets to a small gun range fee. If needed, many gun ranges have firearms supplied. However, the use of these firearms will raise the cost.



Hiking is a great way to clear the mind, take in fresh air, and get exercise all in one activity. Hiking can serve as a mechanism for veterans to unleash built up energy through being out in the open with a backpack that is filled only with essential items. As well, hiking new trails and locations will add to the fun and also make the hobby feel brand new each time.


Outdoor Rock Climbing

If hiking does not do the trick, then perhaps rock climbing could fill in the gaps. Indoor rock climbing, while less expensive and less dangerous, can become mundane after only a few months. Outdoor rock climbing is a great hobby to pick up because it can be combined with other hobbies such as hiking or camping. As well, to make the hobby safe, it is recommended that buddy climbing is performed. This means that one will have to team up with one or more people to scale the beautiful rock and reach the destination. This can emulate the responsibility required of military personnel.



If a less strenuous activity is needed, hunting is an option. While hunting will require the purchasing of materials and a license, it involves being vulnerable in the woods and designing strategies to end up with game meat at the end of the hunt. Hunting can also be very peaceful as it is generally done in the early hours of the day when the woods is just waking. As well, having a hunting buddy or buddies is recommended for safety. Depending on the type of hunt, teamwork can be utilized or simply knowing that other people are in the woods with you will add to the responsibility of the hunt.


Softball League

A less expensive hobby that is teamwork heavy is a city softball league. These softball leagues usually require sponsorship by a local business, but are fun, competitive, challenging, and rewarding.

Understanding the life of a military veteran requires military experience. However, there are coping mechanisms, counseling, and hobbies that can help veterans transition back to normal life. Hopefully, after having read this article, military veterans have picked a hobby or at least have started thinking about adopting a hobby to aid in their transition into their homes.

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